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Transnistria. Tension is growing around the Transnistrian Republic of Moldova. Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “A threat to stability”

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About the alleged threat to internal security in Moldova Vitaly Ignatiev spoke on First Pridnestrovsky television. The politician of the self-proclaimed republic emphasized that The policy of the authorities in Chisinau is a denial of the status enshrined in constitutional provisions.

– We understand perfectly well that Moldova, according to the constitution, seems to be a neutral country, but… participates in military exercises and receives military assistanceincluding weapons material from the military bloc NATO – he said.

This is not a neutral structureis a military bloc, quite aggressive, if you look at it from the history of this bloc's activities, so it is an obvious threat to security, a threat to stability – he added.

According to the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs NaddniestrzaIn the Republic of Moldova, citizens of the entire country, not only the Transnistria region, are afraid of rapprochement with the North Atlantic Alliance.

We have received requests from the people of Moldova who are very concerned, who also don't want any problems to arise for them. Every normal person understands perfectly well that this type of exercises, militarization, military support, and some parachute jumps are very unhealthy and very disturbing symptoms – he emphasized.

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Russian troops in Transnistria. Ignatiew on the “hot spot” on the map of Europe

Vitaly Ignatiev's statement about the alleged threat to security in the region is not the first political statement of this type. Several days earlier, the politician referred to the proposal of the authorities in Chisinau calling for the withdrawal of Russian units from Transnistria.

As for Chisinau's calls for the withdrawal of Russian troops and reformulation of the peacekeeping operation, as we have repeatedly emphasized, issues to be discussed only after the final, a just solution to the Moldovan-Transnistrian conflict – he argued.

– Concealing the intention to unilaterally promote these issues is a dangerous path the emergence of another hot spot on the map of Europe – he concluded.

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