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Travelers of the Gryf train from Olsztyn to Szczecin encountered a lot of difficulties tonight. They were really unlucky

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The locomotive first broke down when it started moving – it ran into a tree leaning against the overhead contact line, and finally, after the driver’s day’s wages had expired, passengers had to wait for a connection with another train. Their journey from Olsztyn to Szczecin was extended by over seven hours. We received the first information about the incident on Kontakt24.

Train PKP Intercity Gryf set off from the Olsztyn Główny station at 2 p.m. – it was supposed to reach the final Szczecin Główny station after 9 p.m., but ultimately the journey was significantly longer.

As Mrs. Joanna reported on Kontakt24, the train managed to complete its route from Szczecin to Gdańsk without delays. However, after an hour of driving, he turned back to Gdańsk due to a breakdown. Then, around 11 p.m. – having already been delayed for over two hours – it suddenly stopped in the middle of the forest “somewhere outside Słupsk”.

– Lights and heating turned off. Conductors asked passengers to dress warmly. Bars and mineral water were distributed, said Mrs. Joanna.

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This information was confirmed by PKP Intercity spokesman Cezary Nowak. – On the Reblino-Wrześnica section, the train hit a tree leaning on the overhead line. The pantograph was damaged and therefore a network train was ordered, he said.

The train was delayed for over seven hours

Half an hour later, the train continued its route. – The pantograph has been secured and the second one has been connected and started. The train continued its route, and the passengers received water and snacks, reported Cezary Nowak. The spokesman mentioned that initially it was considered to connect the train with train 58109 (Stańczyk), but – due to the launch of the second pantograph – the train continued its journey.

What is delayed is not lost. Half an hour later it turned out that there would have to be a connection with Stańczyk. – This is related to the driver’s working time being exceeded – explained the PKP Intercity spokesman. The train waited for over an hour at the station in Sławno.

He reached the next station in Koszalin after 2 a.m. – he also had to suspend the journey due to the need to let other trains pass. The passengers reached the Szczecin Główny station after 4 a.m., i.e. with a delay of over 7 hours.

Dangerous night across the country

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management warned about weather threats on Friday evening. It was announced that it would be dangerous throughout the country at night, and level two alerts were in force in the north.

They warned that in addition to strong winds, we should watch out for icy surfaces, heavy snowfall and snowstorms.

Very strong winds were forecast, with an average speed of up to 65 kilometers per hour, gusts of up to 100 km/h, from the west and north-west.

Main photo source: Petreieva Olena / Shutterstock

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