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Traveling by car in hot weather. Heat warnings for drivers

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On Saturday, a heat wave will reach Poland, and the temperature may even exceed 36 degrees. That is why the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management has issued second-level warnings for almost all of Poland and advises you to stay at home. However, what if we have to move, e.g. due to a planned holiday? There are a few rules to keep in mind.

High temperature is dangerous for everyone. Although the warning against heat is mainly focused on the elderly and children, no one should underestimate them.

A journey in the heat. Stay hydrated

High temperatures cause fatigue and weakness of the body, as well as drowsiness, which can be especially dangerous when driving a vehicle. Before embarking on a journey, even the smallest one, it is essential to take care of hydration and take a bottle of water with you. If there is a longer route ahead, take regular breaks. Sunglasses may also come in handy.

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The heatwave will also take its toll on driversGDDKiA

Remember that during hot weather, the temperature inside the vehicle is higher than that outside. Therefore, under no circumstances, even in the case of a short stop, children and pets should not be left inside. When traveling with passengers, even if we do not feel tired, we should also take care of their comfort and take breaks, if only for them.

If you are driving a vehicle equipped with air conditioning, it is worth visiting the workshop beforehand and making sure that it is in working order. Also, do not exaggerate in using it, too large a temperature difference can be unfavorable to health (and comfort). It is indicated that it is optimal to keep a few degrees below the temperature outside the vehicle.

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Road conditions can change quickly in the summer

However, above all, we should remember about the basics that we learned during the preparatory course for the driving test. If it was many years ago, refresh it. The basis for driving a vehicle is to be careful and adjust the speed not only to the limit and restrictions on the roads, but also to weather conditions.

Car. What you need to remember in hot weatherGDDKiA

Before each trip in the summer, it is worth checking the current weather forecast, because weather conditions can change quickly. For example, during rain after a long period of dry weather, the first several minutes can be dangerous – when water mixes with a layer of dust accumulated on the road. Then the surface is very slippery and at too high speed, as well as fatigue, it is easy to lose control over the steering wheel.

It is also worth placing emphasis on keeping an appropriate distance from other vehicles. If there is a situation in which another road user loses consciousness due to the heat or slips, we will have more time to react.

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