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Tropical storm Mindy in the USA. Downpours, tornadoes, no electricity

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Mindy’s tropical storm formed on Wednesday morning only to hit one of the Florida islands a few hours later. It weakened, but brought some US states quite heavy rainfall and gusty winds. In Florida, seven thousand consumers were without electricity.

Another storm shaped in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico has reached the United States. Mindy, still as a tropical storm, reached the island of St. Vincent on Wednesday in Florida. As reported, Mindy did not have long to strengthen herself as she formed quite close to land.

According to a recent announcement by the American National Hurricane Center (NHC), the element has weakened and has been relegated to tropical depression status.

Mindy is located approximately 70 kilometers southwest of Savannah, Georgia. The gusts of wind that it carries with it reach up to 55 kilometers per hour. The element moves north-east at a speed of 33 km / h.

Tropical storm Mindy in the USA

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Early Thursday morning, Georgia and parts of South Carolina experienced heavy rainfall, local flooding, and several tornadoes. In Florida, more than seven thousand consumers were without electricity.

The NHC said Mindy should no longer be threatened by extremely intense rainstorms and storms. Nevertheless, regions close along the Atlantic coast of Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia should stay current weather reports. According to weather forecasters, from 50 to 150 liters of water per square meter may drop, which may cause local flooding.

Mindy is expected to head towards the Atlantic.

Projected Mindy routeNHC

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Main photo source: Twitter / tropicalupdater / ENEX

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