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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Trump supporters are still behind him. “We don’t even care if he goes to jail”

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Two new polls show that 80 percent of Republican voters believe Donald Trump should be able to run for the White House despite the allegations. The same is true that the matter is political. What’s more, among the supporters of this party, it is Donald Trump who enjoys the greatest support as a potential presidential candidate on behalf of this party.

On Tuesday, former US President Donald Trump was charged with 37 charges related to improper handling of confidential documents. He did not admit to them.

Supporters of the former US president show him unconditional support. “We don’t even care if he goes to prison or not. Many of us have an “it’s either him or nothing” attitude, says Linda Cuardos, a Trump supporter. They see no one else as president of the country. They want Trump to rule another four years, or even forever. In the former president, who faces very serious criminal charges, they see – as they say – the anointed of God. I love him because he’s a good man. He was a good president, my president. Now, tomorrow and forever, says Rose Roque, a Trump supporter. God sent him here for a purpose. That goal is the presidency.

– He was an amazing president. We had a great economy, peace. He got along with everyone. So I believe that if he returns to the White House, he will be an even better president,” said Esperanza Quant, a Trump supporter.

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Donald Trump arrived at court in Miami Reuters

Support of followers

Trump supporters say over and over again that what the former president is experiencing is a “witch hunt.” “The truth is they don’t want him to win because they’re afraid of him. Democrats and liberals are afraid of him, assures Jorg Carnio, a Trump supporter. Supporters of the former president believe and repeat behind the extreme wing of the Republicans that they are dealing with an attempt to overthrow a presidential candidate by force. “This is a government attempt to forcibly overthrow a major political enemy and top US presidential candidate,” said Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican congresswoman. The Trumpists reiterate their opposition in a Miami court. They do not rule out the scenario of unleashing another Civil War. They declare that they are ready to fight.

The allegations do not weaken Trump politically. On the contrary. This can also be seen in the polls. According to a Reuters and Ipsos poll, 43 percent of Republicans said Trump was their preferred candidate in the 2024 presidential election. Only 22 percent choose his main rival, Ron DeSantis. It is important to note that the research was carried out after the information about the impeachment of the former president. No wonder that in this situation and rivals stand up for him. “When I was in Congress, this thing about Hillary Clinton’s emails came up, and yet they didn’t care about her. Do different standards apply to a Democratic secretary of state and a former Republican president? asks Ron DeSantis. Trump supporters need no more convincing. “You can’t just remove a president like that. He’s the lead candidate, Keith assures.

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