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Trusted profile – how to extend it? Instruction. What to do after your trusted profile expires

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On the last day of October, trusted profiles of over 5.5 million people expired. If you failed to extend its validity, you need to take a few steps to use the functionality of this tool again. The Ministry of Digitization reminds that even though the profile itself has expired, the account created there is still active and you can use it to obtain a new trusted profile online.

The trusted profile is valid for three years, the MC communications office recalled in a statement sent on Friday. Thanks to a trusted profile, you can log in to public services and place a trusted signature.

“During the pandemic, its validity was extended automatically, but from now on you have to do it yourself,” the office said.

“You can log in at any time and set up a new trusted profile. Do it online without leaving your home,” it encouraged in the information, explaining the procedure.

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How to create a new trusted profile?

“Log in to your account and in the Create a new trusted profile tab, select one of the options – +Create a profile trusted by a bank or other supplier+ or +Create a trusted profile with e-ID+,” the ministry instructed.

If someone does not have an account or cannot log in, go to pz.gov.pl, use the “Register” button and select one of the identity confirmation options available there. This can be done using:

– electronic banking,
– video verification,
– use of an ID card with an electronic layer,
– identity confirmation at one of the branches, including: in branches in ZUSmunicipal offices and tax offices.

“After confirming your profile, you can now use it,” the office added, describing the procedure.

If you have any questions or problems with setting up an account or a new trusted profile, you can use the help center by e-mail at pz-pomoc@coi.gov.pl or by calling +48(42)253 54 50 – from Monday to Friday from 7.00-18.00.

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Trusted profile – what is it?

A trusted profile allows you to confirm your identity on the Internet and sign documents with an electronic signature. Thanks to it, you can, for example, submit applications, applications, appeals or complaints without having to print the document, sign it manually and scan it. A trusted profile enables logging in to public administration IT systems, such as the Electronic Services Platform of the Social Insurance Institution (PUE ZUS), Internet Patient Account (IKP), or e-Tax Office.

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