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Tryfan Peak, Wales, UK. Kitty Harrison was scattering her father’s ashes in the mountains when she slipped and fell. Rescue operation

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32-year-old British woman Kitty Harrison almost lost her life while scattering her father’s ashes on the top of Tryfan – one of the highest mountains in Wales. The woman slipped and lost her balance. She stopped on a rock ledge, nearly 100 meters above the ground. She waited for rescue for three hours.

The incident occurred in Eryri National Park (Snowdonia) on one of the highest mountains Wales. The 32-year-old, an experienced mountain climber, was one-third of the way from the Tryfan peak (917 meters above sea level), where moments earlier she had said her last goodbye to her father and scattered his ashes. Kitty often went mountain climbing with her father and husband.

At one point, the woman slipped and started falling. She landed on a tiny rock ledge at an altitude of 91 meters.

– I was in such a condition that I couldn’t get out of there on my own – she said in an interview with the BBC. – It was cold and wet and I sat there for a long time. I tried to climb back up, but it was so wet and slippery that I was too afraid of falling, she said.

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Tryfan, WalesShutterstock

“I thought I would fall before they found me.”

After about three hours, the rescue services located her thanks to the GPS transmitter on her phone. The rescue operation, which involved a 12-person team and a helicopter, lasted a total of seven hours. However, the operation was very complicated. Due to the uneven topography and wind speed, the helicopter could not approach the woman who was in the ravine – writes the BBC. Rescuers could only reach the woman by climbing the rocky and steep Tryfan wall.

– Initially, I felt relieved that someone would come for me. But I waited and no one came. Then a helicopter flew by and I waved, but no one waved back. I was worried that no one had seen me. It happened repeatedly, the 32-year-old reported. – As time passed, I was shivering from the cold and wet, and I couldn’t move any muscles. (…). I thought I would fall before they found me, she reported.

Mount Tryfan is one of the most famous peaks in WalesGoogle Maps

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