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Trzebieszów commune. A bloodied woman’s body was found in the car. Her husband heard the charge of murder

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39-year-old Stanisław S. was supposed to have dealt at least nine stabs with a knife to his wife. The police detained him several dozen minutes after the bloody body of a 32-year-old woman was found in a car parked in one of the villages in the Trzebieszów commune (Lublin province). The man pleaded not guilty.

The police were informed about the bloody body of a woman in the car on Friday evening. When the policemen arrived, an ambulance service was already there. Unfortunately, life 32-year-old woman lying in the car could not be saved.

– The policemen, under the supervision of the prosecutor, secured the traces. According to the preliminary activities, another person contributed to the death of the 32-year-old – says staff aspirant Marcin Józwik from the County Police Headquarters in Łuków.

Stopped several kilometers from the scene of the murder

The 39-year-old was charged with the murder of his wife. He is facing life imprisonmentKPP Łuków

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Criminals, within several dozen minutes of being reported, arrested the woman’s 39-year-old husband, whom they suspected of having committed the murder of his wife. According to investigators, the woman was attacked while driving home.

39-year-old Stanisław S. stayed in one of the houses in the neighboring poviat, several kilometers from the place where the body was found.

The man pleads not guilty

The man has already heard the murder charge. He will be in custody for the next three months. He is facing life imprisonment.


– The allegation is that the man inflicted at least nine blows with a knife, causing cuts and stab-cuts on the surface of the neck, chest and left arm – says Agnieszka Kępka, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin.

During the interrogation, S. did not plead guilty. As the prosecutor says, he gave explanations. However, they are not in line with the investigators’ findings.

– The marriage was in the process of divorce. The likely motive was a conflict on this background – emphasizes the prosecutor.

The woman’s body was found in a car parked in one of the villages in the Trzebieszów commune in the Łuków poviat

Main photo source: KPP Łuków

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