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Trzebinia. A new sinkhole has formed. Almost a week after the previous landslide

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In Trzebinia (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) the ground collapsed once again. The new sinkhole is about three meters in diameter and two meters deep. The area was secured by firefighters. The previous hole had been created almost a week earlier on the same street.

On the feast of the Epiphany in Trzebinia, Lesser Poland, the ground collapsed. Once again, because only last year a dozen sinkholes appeared in the commune. The previous one appeared on New Year’s Eve.

The hole is about two-three meters wide and deep (photo from January 2, 2023)TVN24

The first sinkhole in Trzebinia in 2023

We didn’t have to wait long for the next one, only a week. The ground collapsed on Friday (January 6), creating a hole about three meters in diameter and about two meters deep. Nobody was injured.

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The hole was created on wasteland, about 100 meters from the buildings, on the street John Paul II. On the same street, the ground had collapsed a week earlier. Earlier – for example, at Christmas – however, it happened that the soil slipped right next to residential buildings.

On Christmas, a few meters from one of the houses in Trzebinia, the ground collapsedTVN24

– One fire brigade was sent to the spot, which secured the area by separating it with tape. That’s all we can do at the moment. As in any such case, the Kopalń Restructuring Company was notified of the case – said tvn24.pl senior aspirant Hubert Ciepły, spokesman for the Małopolska fire brigade.

Zadliska in Trzebinia. The government and residents are waiting for the results of the research

The largest sinkhole so far has been created in September at the Trzebinia cemetery. 40 graves fell into the crater formed as a result of the collapse of the earth, destroying the burial place of 61 people.

A sinkhole at the cemetery in TrzebiniaTVN24

After this incident, soil tests began in the city on 100 hectares of land in the area at risk of discontinuous deformations – as sinkholes are called – in the shallow mining areas of the former “Siersza” mine. According to the mayor of Trzebinia, Jarosław Okoczuk, it is the method of liquidation of this mine that is responsible for the formation of sinkholes, threatening the life and property of the inhabitants.

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The preliminary results of soil tests have been left made public in October. They showed that there is no so-called “total emptiness” under the cemetery. Geologists, however, did not exclude the possibility that “point discontinuous deformations” may occur under the study area, hence the decision to conduct additional research using boreholes. As Jarosław Okoczuk informed in December, final the results are due to be published in mid-February.

Soil testing in TrzebiniaMałopolska Voivodeship Office

– The results of the research, which should be known in mid-February, will be a milestone in solving the case of sinkholes arising in our commune. Knowing the results, we will know what actions the Mine Restructuring Company will take and what actions we should take to prevent further degradation of the area – informed the mayor of Trzebinia on Saturday. However, he stressed that “the solution to the problem will not happen overnight”.

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The mayor notifies the prosecutor’s office about sinkholes in Trzebinia

At the end of the year, Okoczuk announced on social media that he had informed the District Prosecutor’s Office in Chrzanów about the case. The local government official applied for “determining the entities responsible for the emergence of another sinkhole and thus bringing a potential danger to life, health and property” of the inhabitants of Trzebinia.

After the sinkhole appeared in the cemetery in September, the inhabitants of Trzebinia said that they could not sleep peacefully. Jarosław Okoczuk, asked by the Polish Press Agency if he had any signals from residents about plans to move, once again pointed to the importance of the expected research results.

– I had no such information about relocation plans. I think that such information will eventually appear after learning about the structure of the ground on which we are located. The research results of the Mine Restructuring Company will answer many questions – stressed Okoczuk.

The local government official does not rule out that the commune will apply for compensation in connection with the deformation of the land.

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