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Trzebinia. A sinkhole under the vehicle with the drilling rig, the machine fell into the hole

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While drilling a hole near a sinkhole in Trzebinia (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) on Wednesday morning, the ground collapsed under a vehicle with a drilling rig. According to the Company for the Restructuring of Mines, part of the machine got stuck in the ground. After its removal, work will resume.

On Wednesday morning, while drilling a hole in the area of ​​Górnicza Street in Trzebinia (Lesser Poland Voivodeship), the ground collapsed under the weight of the vehicle with the drilling rig, as a result of which part of the vehicle got stuck in the ground. Nothing happened to anyone.

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The ground collapsed under the weight of the vehicle with the drilling rig in TrzebiniaMine Restructuring Company S.A

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Trzebinia. “The ground with the device has slipped”

“This morning, during the drilling of the third hole in the area of ​​the sinkhole of December 25, 2022, the ground loosened, as a result of which, under the weight of the drilling rig, the ground and the device slipped by about a meter. The machine was anchored and properly secured, so after the machine is extracted, the treatment works will be continued,” said Spółka Restrukturownictwa Kopalń (SRK). It was emphasized that no one was hurt.

In Trzebinia at ul. Górnicza 3 and 5, works are being carried out to strengthen the ground. So far, two of the five planned wells have been drilled. Each of them is to be about 30 meters deep. A soil stabilizing substance will be injected through the boreholes.

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A similar incident took place in Trzebinia in April. In the Gaj neighborhood the ground collapsed under a silo several meters highin which a substance for treating the soil in this area was stored. Works securing the ground were carried out there on behalf of the Company for the Restructuring of Mines.

The sinkhole, about six meters deep, was then filled in together with the silo.

The problem of sinkholes in Trzebinia

The post-mining damage is caused by the former “Siersza” hard coal mine, operating in this town since the mid-nineteenth century. In the years 1999-2001 the mine closed down. At the beginning, the exploitation was shallow, at a depth of 20-25 meters. Then the underground passages went lower and lower. The liquidators assumed that the voids left after exploitation would be filled with water. Over time, the water began to come closer and closer to the surface of the earth.

The last sinkhole was created in Trzebinia on Monday (July 3) in the allotment gardens. In the same place where the ground collapsed in 2021, a new crater with a depth of about seven meters was created.

The sinkholes in the Małopolska commune became famous in September 2022, when the earth absorbed several dozen graves in the parish cemetery.

According to data provided in April by the Chief National Geologist, Piotr Dziadzia, in Trzebinia there are a total of 481 places at risk of sinkholes. 38 is located in close proximity to buildings – this buffer zone has a border of 20 meters.

Main photo source: Mine Restructuring Company S.A

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