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Trzebinia. Donald Tusk met with residents about sinkholes, Lesser Poland Voivode Łukasz Kmita comments

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About 280 hectares in Trzebinia have been banned. Breaking the ban may result in a penalty and an accident. The city is falling to the ground. – We feel left alone. Nobody has any idea what to do next with Trzebinia. We can’t sell apartments, real estate prices have fallen. You cannot go out with your dog into the forest. The cemetery is only open for funerals. Allotment gardens are best plowed – residents complained to Donald Tusk, who visited them on Tuesday. The leader of the PO stated that there is a state of natural disaster in the city. The voivode of Małopolska referred to the meeting.

Leader of the Civic Platform Donald Tusk met on Tuesday morning with the inhabitants of Trzebinia, who live on the collapsing land. The phenomenon intensified in 2021, and it became famous in September 2022, when the earth absorbed the graves in the cemetery.

– Even this place where we stand is dangerous, because it is empty. There is emptiness under the garages, there is emptiness near the block – said the inhabitants of the two most endangered estates, emphasizing that they do not know what is under their houses.

They led Tusk to the vicinity of two silos, which were to fill the underground niches with a special mixture. One silo also collapsed – a few steps from the apartment block.

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The silo fell into a sinkhole in the Gaj housing estate in Trzebinia (Małopolskie Voivodeship)Tomasz Kisiel

They cannot sell apartments, they cannot renovate, enter the cemetery, go out into the forest

– We feel as citizens left to themselves. Nobody has any idea what to do next with Trzebinia – said one of the residents. They hear from the local authorities that this is the first such situation in Poland, so they do not know what to do. They go to meetings with the authorities, “but to no avail”. They write petitions to the prime minister, to the Mine Restructuring Company. – We are left with no response to these letters. We ask for any help – they said to Tusk.

They complained to the leader AFTERthat they can’t sell apartments because real estate prices in their city have fallen. As they said, they do not know whether they can renovate them, for example, replace the stoves. The cemetery has been closed, you can only enter during the funeral. You can’t go to the forest for a walk with your dog. And “allotment gardens are best plowed”. – It is known that private houses and blocks of flats come first, but allotments are also important. My mother is 80 years old. The garden is 45 years old. She invested there from the beginning. I’m supposed to lock her up in a 32-square-metre apartment? another resident asked.

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Separating tapes and yellow cards appeared in the city prohibited from entering under the threat of a fine. About 280 hectares have already been shut down. – The company will evict the cars from the garage – the man pointed to the absurd order. And he added: – And a hundred meters from these garages there are blocks where people live. We are safe and the garages are not safe.

Trzebinia: the voivode of Lesser Poland issued a ban on entering areas at risk of sinkholes

Trzebinia: the voivode of Lesser Poland issued a ban on entering areas at risk of sinkholesDanger information and no-entry signs were not enough. After people entered the sinkholes in Trzebinia, the governor of Lesser Poland issued an ordinance prohibiting entry. This means that those who break the law may even be fined. It is estimated that there are almost half a thousand places where landslides can occur in Trzebinia.Pawel Laskosz | Facts in the afternoon TVN24

“We understand the threat, but we don’t understand why we have to live in these conditions,” they said. – If a siren goes, we are directly afraid for our lives that something is happening again. Man lives in constant stress – they emphasized during a meeting with a PO politician.

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Tusk: there is a de facto state of natural disaster here

– I am not a geologist and I will not pretend that I would know what to do with sinkholes – said Donald Tusk at the beginning. – Certainly today we must shout here very loudly – I can do it on your behalf – so that the authorities do not limit themselves to orders and bans, because you already have a lot of misfortune because of this, because of these sinkholes – said the PO leader. And he emphasized: – The authorities must try to help you, not to make your life even more difficult.

He pointed out that there are methods developed to help property owners in similar situations. He recalled the case landslides in Lanckorona.

Donald Tusk at a meeting with the inhabitants of TrzebiniaTVN24

Tusk promised that he would not leave the inhabitants alone, that he would try to find out what regulations could be applied in Trzebinia and would prepare an aid plan within several dozen hours.

– I hope that today the media will remind us that there is a de facto state of natural disaster here. We need emergency and immediate measures. There is nothing to research here, i.e. research as much as you want, but apart from research and programs for the distant future, you need to help people immediately, give them a guarantee of safety and also alternatives. If it is not possible to live here in some places, new apartments must be given to you, one to one. Try to save this land, but if you can’t, so that you don’t stay in the cold – he said.

The voivode of Lesser Poland answers: the inhabitants of Trzebinia and Silesia remember

During the meeting with Donald Tusk, the inhabitants mentioned the voivode of Lesser Poland, Łukasz Kmita, that “he should be here”.

The voivode’s press office reacted immediately after the meeting, sending the media a message in which we read that “the inhabitants of Trzebinia can count on state support, and the Mine Restructuring Company, together with experts, is preparing a special program for the treatment of post-mining areas so that the inhabitants can feel safe again” .

– The problems of Trzebinia result from the “robbery” method of liquidating the Siersza mine, which was carried out by the people of the then authorities. In the place of Donald Tusk and PO politicians, I would sink into the ground in shame, and not try to make political capital on human emotions and fear. The inhabitants of Trzebinia, but also Silesia, remember who is behind the closing of mines and the destruction of Polish mining. Today, the best experts in Poland – professors from various universities in Lesser Poland and Silesia – are doing everything to perform specialized research that has never been done on such a scale before, says Łukasz Kmita in a release.

The office reminds that Spółka Restrukturownictwa Kopalń plans to launch special pumps in the second half of next week, the purpose of which will be to stabilize the groundwater level. The pumps will have a capacity of five cubic meters per minute. Two devices are supposed to work at the same time. The pumped water will go to the Kozi Bród river.

“From today, also – on behalf of SRK – works are carried out at 97 Grunwaldzka Street (next to the garages). Holes 20-25 meters deep are being created, through which a special mixture will be injected to fill the voids. The Central Mining Institute also conducts microgravimetric tests at Młyńska Street and Grunwaldzka. Their goal is to detect possible voids or places of loosened soil, “the release reads.

Main photo source: TVN24

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