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Trzebinia. It is forbidden to enter the forests because of sinkholes. Foresters warn

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Due to the sinkholes, the Forest Inspectorate of Chrzanów informed about the ban on entering the forests. It concerns areas in the Siersza and Gaj housing estates in Trzebinia (Małopolskie Voivodeship), where – according to foresters – there is a threat to life and health. The ban will remain in effect until the end of June.

The Forest Inspectorate of Chrzanów has introduced a ban on entering the forests in the areas of the Siersza and Gaj housing estates in Trzebinia. Reason? Sinkholes appearing more and more often in forest areas. land in this town it has crashed dozens of timesamong others, at the cemetery, allotment gardens, the stadium and in the vicinity of blocks of flats.

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The sinkhole in TrzebiniaChrzanów Forest District, State Forests

Trzebinia. The forests have been closed. “Threat to life and health”

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As research has shownareas at risk of sinkholes are, among others, the areas located in the Siersza and Gaj housing estates. It was in the local forests that, as we read in the announcement of the forestry inspectorate, “a temporary ban on entry (…) was issued due to the possibility of a threat to life and health”.

Forests forbidden to enter in TrzebiniaChrzanów Forest District

The ban will apply until June 30, but it may be shortened or extended – depending on the development of the situation. There are penalties for breaking the ban, the forest inspectorate warns.

The announcement reads that next week, warning boards will appear on forest roads and larger ducts and walking routes.

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Gardens and a cemetery closed by sinkholes

As the mayor of Trzebinia Jarosław Okoczuk informed on his Facebook profile, geological surveys are still being carried out in the commune to supplement those carried out by scientists from the AGH University of Science and Technology. These results, which scientists have already handed over to the municipal authorities, confirm that among the places most at risk of sinkholes are allotment gardens, the cemetery, the vicinity of the railway embankment and forests. Voids were shown there, which “can turn into sinkholes at any time” – we read in the mayor’s entry.

Studies of geological services (still ongoing), which are to supplement those carried out by scientists from the AGH University of Science and Technology on behalf of SRK, confirmed our current knowledge – in the areas that are most at risk, i.e. in the area of ​​ROD, the cemetery in Gaj and the railway embankment, as well as in the nearby forests, there is dozens of voids that can turn into sinkholes at any moment.

Previously, the ROD Gaj allotment gardens and the cemetery at ul John Paul II. On the last one, in the fall, the largest sinkhole so far was formed – 40 graves then fell into the crater. Many residents fear for their safety – it happened that the hole collapsed right next to apartment blocks, as well as next to the community center or other frequented places.

They are already underway in some locations ground protection works commissioned by the Mine Restructuring Company. A company treating an area at risk of sinkholes injects a mixture of cement and ashes through boreholes. Thus, voids and soil loosening are filled, which is to prevent the formation of further holes.

State Forests, Jarosław Okoczuk

Main photo source: Chrzanów Forest District, State Forests

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