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Trzebinia. Residents lost their garages because of sinkholes. There is a block of flats right next to it, residents are afraid for safety

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Residents of the Siersza estate in Trzebinia (Małopolskie Voivodeship) must vacate their rented garages by the end of the month. Spółka Restrukturownictwa Kopalń suddenly terminated the lease agreements, explaining the decision for security reasons. The garages are located in the area where the mine operated, so there is a risk of the ground collapsing there. Residents fear that a block of flats standing next to it may also be at risk of sinkholes.

Trzebinia faces the problem of sinkholes. This year alone, the ground has collapsed nine times in this town in Lesser Poland. Spółka Restrukturownictwa Kopalń, the legal successor of the mine closed around 2000, has been stabilizing the soil since around mid-February to prevent further holes from forming.

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As Trzebinski councilor Józef Dziedzic informed us, in recent days the surprised residents of the Siersza estate received notices of lease from SRK. They are to vacate the garages belonging to the company by the end of the month. – This applies to garages at Grunwaldzka Street. For now, it’s just a fortune-telling on what SRK will do in this place – said the councillor.

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Garages at Grunwaldzka Street in Trzebiniagoogle street view

Office in Trzebinia: residents are concerned

Garages are located right next to the apartment block. – Residents are certainly surprised by this decision and concerned about the threat mentioned in the letters, because there are blocks of flats right next to the garages. Therefore, immediately after receiving information about the termination notices, we asked the company to send the results of research from the vicinity of Grunwaldzka Street, together with an opinion on whether the vicinity of residential buildings is safe – said Anna Jarguz, spokeswoman for the Trzebinia City Hall in an interview with us.

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The official emphasizes that the commune has not received any signal from SRK about its intention to terminate the lease agreements. – The company should inform the city office in advance about the steps taken. According to our knowledge, the letters were sent to the residents in mid-March, Jarguz noted.

SRK: We made the decision so as not to endanger people and property

We asked SRK representatives about the reasons for their decision. The company’s spokesman, Mariusz Tomalik, confirmed that 27 lease agreements for garages owned by SRK had been terminated.

– We feel responsible for the facilities within the company’s structures. Therefore, in order not to expose people or property to possible threats, it was decided to terminate these lease agreements with residents, Tomalik noted in a statement sent to us. He added that “as far as the area indicated as an endangered area is concerned, the maps available at the Town Hall in Trzebinia indicate which areas are at risk of discontinuous deformations.” – The first documentation comes from 2007, in the following years it was updated. All current decisions are made on the basis of publicly available documentation, he stressed.

The spokesman informed us that the garages to be released by the residents are located in several locations in the city, including Dyrekcyjna Street. It’s right next to the house of culture, where the ground collapsed in January.

The ground collapsed near a historic villa in Trzebinia@osiedlesiersza (Facebook)

It is not yet known what SRK’s plans for the future of the garages are. The Trzebinia city hall has not yet received an opinion from the company regarding the safety of the area around the blocks.

The problem of sinkholes in Trzebinia

The problem of the formation of sinkholes is related to the shallow mining exploitation carried out in this area years ago and the rising level of groundwater. In a month, it rises on average by half a meter. In some places it is 12 meters below the surface.

The post-mining damage is caused by the former “Siersza” hard coal mine operating in this town since the mid-nineteenth century. In the years 1999-2001 the mine closed down. At the beginning, the exploitation was shallow, at a depth of 20-25 meters. Then the underground passages went lower and lower. The liquidators assumed that the voids left after exploitation would be filled with water. Over time, the water began to come closer and closer to the surface of the earth.

Main photo source: google street view

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