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Trzebinia. Two sinkholes in one day. The ground collapsed near blocks of flats and allotments

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The ground collapsed twice in one day in Trzebinia (Lesser Poland Voivodeship). The first sinkhole was created in the morning in the Gaj housing estate, the second in the afternoon in the allotment gardens. Both holes appeared in areas defined as endangered. The commune authorities reassure that the sinkholes do not threaten apartment blocks.

Two sinkholes in one day were created on Thursday in Trzebinia, Lesser Poland. We received the first information about the collapse of the ground from residents on Kontakt 24. The hole was created in the morning next to the block at number 26 in the Gaj estate.

A sinkhole in the Gaj housing estate in Trzebinia (Lesser Poland Voivodeship)Siersza housing estate (Facebook)

Senior Captain Piotr Bębenek, press officer of the Poviat Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Chorzów, told us that he had heard about this situation, but could not provide any information on this topic because firefighters are not operating there. “We have not been summoned and we are not conducting any activities at this location,” he said.

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This is a place where treatment works aimed at stabilizing the ground have already begun. Earlier, representatives of Spółka Restrukturownictwa Kopalń assured that no block of flats is at risk of sinkholes.

Second sinkhole on the same day

In the afternoon, the ground collapsed again – this time in one of the alleys in the allotments on the street John Paul II. – We received the notification at 16.45. The sinkhole has a diameter of about four meters and a depth of about three meters. There were no injuries, a spokesman for the Chrzanów firefighters said.

Firefighters secured the area around the sinkhole and notified the commune office and representatives of the Company for the Restructuring of Mine about the case.

Residents fear more sinkholes. The commune calms down

Despite the assurances of officials and the Mine Restructuring Company that the sinkholes do not threaten apartment blocks, the inhabitants of Trzebinia are afraid of further events of this type. They do not fully believe in reassuring messages. “‘Building areas are safe’ and again one step away from tragedy,” one resident wrote on social media, adding that “it will end in tragedy or damage to health.” “Seems to be a safe grove” – ​​says one of the residents of the Siersza housing estate. “And let the commune keep repeating the mantra that the inhabitants are safe” – comments another resident of Trzebinia.

A sinkhole in the Gaj estate in TrzebiniaAnna Wojciechowska

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In a statement published in the afternoon – before the formation of the second sinkhole – the municipal office once again emphasized that the blocks of flats “are not at risk”. “The area where today’s (first – ed.) sinkhole was recorded confirms the conclusions of scientists who clearly identified the area where potential sinkholes are possible – they appear in the area of ​​the so-called shallow coal mining from over a hundred years ago and in the oxbow lake of Kozi Bród” – we read in the official announcement.

Officials point out that the first of today’s sinkholes appeared “exactly in the area indicated as potentially at risk. Directly next to it there is a hole through which treatment works are being carried out.”

A sinkhole in the Gaj estate in TrzebiniaTrzebinia Commune

A sinkhole in the Gaj estate in TrzebiniaAnna Wojciechowska

Ground stabilization in Trzebinia

Only since Christmas, nine sinkholes have formed in the city – most recently on February 3 at the stadium of the UKS Górnik Siersza club. The largest of the breaches was created in September at the Trzebinia cemetery, absorbing 40 tombstones. In total, over the last 1.5 years, the ground has collapsed nearly 30 times.

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On Friday (February 17), representatives of the Mine Restructuring Company (SRK) announced the commencement of soil stabilization in Trzebinia. The first works are carried out near the garages at the Gaj housing estate. At the beginning of this week, SRK employees started soil treatment in the vicinity of Górnicza Street.

Another sinkhole occurred on Thursday in the area of ​​the work being carried out.

– Under the contract, the selected contractors have 20 and 16 weeks, respectively, to drill wells to a depth of about 50 meters, through which a mixture of cement and ashes will be injected, which is to fill soil loosenings and stabilize the area – reported SRK.

In the area of ​​Osiedle Gaj, 10 drillings are planned, while in the case of ul. Górnicza, the project assumes three boreholes for each of the two plots.

Zadliska in Trzebinia

The sinkholes in Trzebinia are post-mining damage caused by the former “Siersza” hard coal mine, operating in this town since the mid-nineteenth century. In the years 1999-2001 the mine closed down. At the beginning, the exploitation was shallow, at a depth of 20-25 meters. Then the underground passages went lower and lower. The liquidators assumed that the voids left after exploitation would be filled with water. Over time, the water began to come closer and closer to the surface of the earth.

Soil tests were ordered in September. Without waiting for the results to be presented, the commune authorities decided to close Górnicza Street, where there are sinkholes. At the beginning of February, the inhabitants themselves created an interactive map of sinkholes in Trzebinia, which can be found on the Internet.

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Main photo source: Siersza housing estate (Facebook)

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