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Trzemeszno commune. He allegedly threatened his ex-wife, they found a dead dog on his property. Charges and arrest for a 60-year-old man

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The man allegedly threatened to kill his ex-wife. The woman informed the services about everything, and the prosecutor decided to detain the 60-year-old man, against whom one investigation is already underway. A dead dog was found on the man’s property. According to the veterinarian, the animal was starved. The dog’s owner faced further charges and was arrested.

A notification about death threats was received by the police in Trzemeszno (Greater Poland) on Friday, November 17. They were allegedly addressed to the woman by her ex-husband.

“The prosecutor decided to detain a 60-year-old man against whom proceedings are already underway for persistent harassment of an employee of the Animal Welfare Society,” we read in a police statement.

They found a dead dog. The vet said: it was starvation

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After arriving at the scene, the police walked around the area and found a dead dog in the utility room. – The animal did not have access to water, and there was no food container nearby – staff officer Anna Osińska from the police in Gniezno told us.

According to the vet’s initial opinion, “the dog was starved.” – There was no reason to take the dog away from the man – the policewoman emphasized.

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The 60-year-old was charged with “allegations of persistent harassment of his ex-wife, as well as abusing the dog with particular cruelty, leading to its death, and insulting police officers during the arrest.”

The court decided to arrest the man for three months. “The case is ongoing,” the officers emphasize in a statement.

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