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Tuberculosis. GIS writes about “inspections of schools for tuberculosis”? Note, it’s a fake

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Information about the alleged “spreading of the tuberculosis epidemic among students” is spreading in social media, as evidenced by the letter of the Chief Sanitary Inspector. In turn, the GIS itself warns against another letter, which it would also allegedly send to schools. We comply: both documents have been fabricated. According to GIS, this is an attempt to spread disinformation and spread panic.

Chief Sanitary Inspectorate published On May 2, a warning against a document in which someone impersonates the Chief Sanitary Inspector Krzysztof Saczek. The office published on its website a scan of this fake letter with a warning red inscription “fraud”. The title of the fake is “Information letter” and – as you can guess from the content – it is intended to be addressed to school principals. It mentions a list of actions to be taken in the event of tuberculosis detection in school employees or students, because allegedly the directors of institutions are increasingly asking the Chief Sanitary Inspector about it. Recommended actions include: screening of all teaching staff and others who come into contact with children; assuring parents – in order not to cause panic and spread false information – that these tests “have nothing to do with the training of Ukrainian soldiers in the Świętoszów Garrison in the Bolesławiec district” (original spelling). The letter further reads: “The outbreak of tuberculosis detected in Świętoszów has no substantive connection with single cases of tuberculosis detected in Ukrainian soldiers training in Poland.” There is also information that in May and June the Ministry of Health will conduct “random inspections of schools for tuberculosis”. At the end, there is a warning about criminal liability if the staff of the facility is not tested. At the bottom there is a handwritten signature of Krzysztof Saczek, the Chief Sanitary Inspector.

GIS warns against fabricated writingGIS

GIS denies: “forged letter”, “none of the activities described in it are carried out”

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In a message from May 2, GIS informs that this forged letter was sent to some schools in Poland. He emphasizes: “it does not come from the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, it has not been signed by the Chief Sanitary Inspector wz. (forged signature) and is an attempt to spread disinformation and spread panic. None of the activities described in it are carried out. The information contained in the messages is untrue and must comply with them.” At the same time, the Chief Sanitary Inspector appeals “for prudence and particularly careful verification of the information received, especially the sender’s e-mail addresses”; ensures that the relevant authorities and services have been informed about the case.

In an interview with Konkret24, Krzysztof Cienki, GIS spokesman, explains that the fabricated letter was sent to schools in at least four provinces: Śląskie, Wielkopolskie, Świętokrzyskie and Zachodniopomorskie. The documents were sent from an e-mail address confusingly similar to the real GIS domain: inspectorat@sanepidgov.pl (correct: inspectorat@sanepid.gov.pl). – The entire content of the letter is sucked out of the finger. It has nothing to do with the truth, he emphasizes.

Several other elements in this document indicate that it is fake. There is no date, letter reference or specified recipients. The title “Information letter” raises doubts. – We have never shipped or are shipping anything like this. We have no contact with schools at all. This is not in our control. This is usually done by poviat sanitary and epidemiological stations. And the signature of the Chief Inspector was probably pasted from some publicly available online magazine – the GIS spokesman explains to us.

There is also a second letter on the web, allegedly from GIS – also fabricated

We did not find the fake published by GIS on the web, but in social media we noticed another letter allegedly also sent by GIS – with similar content and similar form. left published May 1 on several pro-Russian Polish-language Twitter accounts. It is supposed to be an official letter of the Chief Sanitary Inspector, but this time addressed to a specific person: Adam Kubów, director of the School Team. of the European Union in Świętoszów. (Note: the fake revealed by GIS also concerned Świętoszów). We tried to contact the principal on May 2, but no one answered at the school office.

This second document is supposed to be the GIS’s answer to the question allegedly sent by the headmaster, what actions should be taken to prevent “the spread of the tuberculosis epidemic among students in connection with the illness of two school students in one class and their teacher”. In the document we read that the Chief Inspector allegedly informs: “Although Ukraine is on the list of countries with a high incidence of tuberculosis at the same level as Russia, the detection of individual cases of the disease among Ukrainian soldiers training in the Bolesławiec district could not cause tuberculosis infection at your school.”

The inspector is to advise the headmaster to inform parents and guardians about the symptoms of tuberculosis as soon as possible and to send all teachers to the hospital in Złotoryja for unscheduled examinations for tuberculosis. The slovenliness of the fake betrays the passage where the initial symptoms of tuberculosis are listed, but it is preceded by a sentence that does not match the content of the letter: “List the initial symptoms of tuberculosis.” The document has the same layout as the letter announced by GIS on May 2 – the difference is only in the content.

– We received information about this document from the provincial sanitary and epidemiological station. I can confirm that it is also false – informs Krzysztof Cienki. The GIS spokesman points to the time of publication of both fakes: the May weekend and the preparation of schools for final exams, which was probably supposed to hinder and delay the reaction of institutions or officials to the fakes sent out.

Main photo source: TVN24/Twitter

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