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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Tucker Carlson: The Democratic Social gathering is redefining opposition as terrorism

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Thursday, we interviewed one of many individuals the Biden administration charged with sedition. The person’s identify is Thomas Caldwell. The Justice Division claims that Caldwell was contained in the Capitol constructing on Jan. 6. Caldwell insists emphatically that he was not. Sooner or later, a jury will resolve who’s mendacity about that. 

For now, the remainder of us, although, are free to ponder. A much bigger query: Is Thomas Caldwell a seditionist? Is he an enemy of this nation? On Jan. 6, was Thomas Caldwell attempting to overthrow the U.S. authorities by power? That is a fairly arduous case to make. 

Caldwell’s indictment paints him as a harmful militia chief who’s planning a kind of D-Day invasion on the banks of the Potomac. The actual Thomas Caldwell doesn’t match that description. Caldwell is a senior citizen who walks with a cane. He is a religious Christian. Attempt to image Thomas Caldwell main a bloodthirsty band of insurgents. You possibly can’t, as a result of he did not. 

Like each protester that day, Caldwell arrived on the occasion unarmed, and just like the overwhelming majority, he dedicated no acts of violence. The Justice Division claims that Caldwell sought to overthrow the American system, however that’s arduous to consider. Caldwell, in reality, spent most of his life in honorable authorities service, together with 20 years as a naval officer. He retired with 100% bodily incapacity. 

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Actually, if anybody looks as if a totally loyal American, it is Thomas Caldwell. There isn’t any query he likes this nation way more than Susan Rice does or Tony Blinken. So why is Thomas Caldwell dealing with the prospect of spending the remainder of his life in jail? As a result of, Democrats inform us, Thomas Caldwell AND co-defendants virtually toppled our democracy. They got here nearer than anybody since Robert E. Lee. That is what they have been telling us for the final 12 months. 

It is absurd. Solely the very fact we’ve heard it so typically prevents us from recognizing how absurd it’s. Nothing that occurred on Jan. 6 got here remotely near threatening our constitutional order or for stopping Joe Biden from taking workplace. Anybody who claims in any other case is mendacity and needs to be pressured to clarify particularly how the mechanics of democracy have been imperiled that day. However they by no means defined. They only yell louder after which they difficulty extra indictments. For the document, as a result of actuality nonetheless issues, or ought to matter, this was the scene contained in the Capitol on Jan. 6:

PROTESTER TO OTHER PROTESTERS: The police listed here are prepared to work with us and cooperate peacefully like our First Modification permits. Collect extra People beneath the situation that they may come and collect peacefully to debate what must be performed to avoid wasting our nation. 

OFFICER: We’re not towards … Present us no attacking, no assault. Stay calm.

PROTESTER TO OTHER PROTESTERS: We’re not going to assault. We’re going to be heard. Everyone, this should be peaceable. 

JAKE ANGELI (CHEWBACCA GUY): This needs to be peaceable. We now have the precise to peacefully assemble.

This should be peaceable, we’ve the precise to peacefully assemble. Nicely, it seems, no, we do not. The person who mentioned that obtained greater than 4 years behind bars. His crime: Strolling into what we used to name non-ironically, the Folks’s Home. That was the QAnon Shaman. At his sentencing, he appeared shocked. A lot of the indicted Jan. 6 protesters have appeared shocked. 

If this was an riot, that they had no thought in anyway that they have been collaborating in it. Enterprise Insider reported this afternoon that on Jan. 7 of final 12 months, the day after, protesters known as Nancy Pelosi’s workplace line within the Capitol in search of gadgets they could have left contained in the constructing. Regulation enforcement took down their numbers and later arrested them. 

Is that the conduct of people that consider they have been attempting to overthrow the U.S. authorities? Clearly, it is not. These are People who got here to their capital metropolis with their associates to complain loudly about what politicians have been doing. They assume that was nonetheless allowed, but it surely’s not allowed. Joe Biden has made that very clear.

JOE BIDEN: In response to america intelligence neighborhood, home terrorism from White supremacists is probably the most deadly terrorist risk within the homeland. … We all know now we should confront and defeat political extremism, White supremacy and home terrorism. … Do not dare name them protesters. They have been a riotous mob of insurrectionists, home terrorists. … White supremacy, home terrorism that we should confront, and we are going to defeat. 

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Learn the script. The place precisely is all this legal White supremacy, this right-wing home terrorism that poses, “probably the most deadly terrorist risk within the homeland”? The place is it? After all, it would not exist. Many 1000’s of People are killed annually by violence. They’re murdered. However conservatives will not be those who’re murdering them. Look it up. It is a ludicrous lie. 


Actually, till yesterday, nobody linked to Jan. 6 had been charged with against the law that even approached the seriousness of home terrorism. Democrats in Congress are beginning to discover that and complain about it. So Merrick Garland caved to the political stress and charged 11 people with seditious conspiracy. Now you’d assume information organizations might need a couple of questions in regards to the timing of that. This being an election 12 months during which the Democratic Social gathering’s fortunes are heading south at excessive velocity. 

However they did not ask questions. They only celebrated the arrests uncritically. Here is one significantly oily little Biden toadie over on CNN:

BRIANNA KEILAR: For the primary time, the Justice Division is unveiling costs of seditious conspiracy towards 11 members within the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. So, what do these new costs inform us? … Prosecutors sending a transparent message after criticism from lawmakers and authorized consultants who thought the DOJ was going too straightforward on the rioters. 

JOHN BERMAN: The costs present the extent of superior planning. As we discovered, most of the rioters have been anticipating conflict.

Lots of the rioters have been anticipating conflict. Or actually, have been they? Then why did not they create weapons to the conflict? The indictment would not clarify that. Actually, it tells us that as Jan. 6 approached, these harmful conspirators who have been anticipating conflict agreed to not convey firearms into the District of Columbia. 

“You guys are going to hold?” one in all them texted the others on what they thought was protected chat. “No,” the opposite mentioned. “OK, we aren’t both.” 

So right here you’ve the individuals the Biden administration tells us tried to overthrow the U.S. authorities. And but at the exact same time, this exact same group additionally voluntarily decides to adjust to Dick’s famously restrictive gun legal guidelines. Uh-huh. 

A 12 months after the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol, tv cameras and video screens fill Statuary Corridor in preparation for information protection, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2022. (AP Picture/J. Scott Applewhite)
(AP Picture/J. Scott Applewhite)

So for those who stay in D.C., that not everybody does that. Not even shut. Washington, D.C., has an terrible lot of shootings. None of them appear to curiosity Merrick Garland. But the so-called sedition is someway determined to observe the legislation. Now they’re dealing with life in jail. 


It is all too ridiculous to be actual, however it’s actual. What is going on on right here? Thomas Caldwell gave us this evaluation final evening. 

THOMAS CALDWELL: Take into consideration this in case you are perceived by individuals who might not even be elected in our nation to not assume the precise method or to say one thing in a personal e mail dialog that they do not like, you could possibly find yourself being a goal simply as I am a goal. 

Oh, we’re right here to overthrow the federal government, we’re seditionists, planning an riot with violence, however we higher observe D.C. gun legal guidelines or else we’ll get in hassle. That is actually what they’re telling you. It is contemptibly absurd. 

One other indicted seditionist is a girl known as Jessica Watkins. Watkins entered the capital unarmed 40 minutes after the preliminary breach on Jan. 6. She didn’t commit violence. She did not break something or assault anybody. She did not set a hearth or spray-paint the partitions. She’s not from Antifa. Actually, in line with her lawyer, Watkins spoke on to Secret Service brokers. She voluntarily offered her contact data, after which she turned herself in to native police when she discovered there was an arrest warrant for her. 

And but, Jessica Watkins is now formally a terrorist. She and lots of others. So the entire level of this train is to redefine any opposition to the Democratic Party as home terrorism as they face defeat within the midterm elections, some Democrats are simply saying that out loud. Here is MSNBC’s Jason Johnson:

JASON JOHNSON: I am working arduous to by no means see a Republican Social gathering once more, as a result of they are not a celebration, proper? They’re, Sinn Féin to the IRA. They’re there, the PLO to Hamas. They are a dime storefront for a terrorist motion. 

Oh, they’re Sinn Féin, the PLO and Hamas. However they observe Do you see gun legal guidelines, as a result of you may get in hassle for those who do not. These individuals. 

A entrance for a terrorist motion. Do they actually imply what they are saying? Who is aware of in the event that they imply it, they’re performing prefer it. And that is the issue. 


So how did the remainder of us reply because the U.S. authorities redefines individuals who disagree with their political opinions as terrorists? Nicely, there’s actually just one method, and it is a nonviolent method. It is the important method. Refuse to play alongside. Do not fake they’re honest. They don’t seem to be honest. Inform the reality. Name authoritarianism what it’s. Ideally with a center finger prolonged. 

That is what a person known as Alex Bruesewitz did. Bruesewitz is a Republican political guide. He dares to work for candidates who’re operating towards members of the Jan. 6 committee. You do not need to do this. 


What occurred? Nicely, simply days in the past, a senior counsel on that committee demanded an interview with Bruesewitz. Here is how he responded: “I really feel sorry for you that it’s important to take care of the likes of Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Adam Schiff and the remainder of the committee members each day. I’ll pray for you.” 

In different phrases, up yours. Then Bruesewitz described in clear and trustworthy phrases precisely what the Democrats are so clearly doing. “This choose committee has run roughshod over the First Modification rights of my fellow residents. Now it’s focusing on me.” Which it completely is. Good for Alex Bruesewitz. 

This text is tailored from Tucker Carlson’s opening commentary on the January 14, 2022, version of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

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