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Tuczno Forest District. The forester helped a wounded white-tailed eagle

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The worried driver informed the forester about the strange behavior of the white-tailed eagle. According to the man’s account, the bird was unable to fly. Employees of the State Forests came to help. The bald eagle did not make their task easier.

A white-tailed eagle that could not fly was found in the Dzikowo forestry. A driver passing by spotted the bird near the road. He asked Piotr Buczkowski, a forester from the Tuczno Forest District (West Pomeranian Voivodeship), to intervene.

– He called me that the bird has a problem with flying. I went looking for him. When he saw me, he got a little scared and hid in the bushes. I called for help so that they would come with a sheet. I know from experience that when a bird has its eyes covered and it is in the dark, it is much calmer – says tvn24.pl Piotr Buczkowski.

Managed to catch a battered birdTuczno Forest District


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Krzysztof Broniewski from the Krukowo forestry and Karolina Sasińska, an employee of the Płytnica Forest District, also came with support. Together, they managed to catch the white-tailed eagle, although it was not easy at all.

– He did not want to give up so immediately. He couldn’t fly away, but he ran with his wings outstretched, and quite fast. After a few minutes, he was finally caught in a sheet and transported to the vet – reports the forester.

Tuczno Forest District

He has no fractures, but he is battered

In Roman Lizoń’s office, the white-tailed eagle underwent a series of tests and received the necessary help. The x-rays of the wings showed no fractures. There were only minor bruises and a slight injury to one of the vertebrae of the spine. Currently, the bird stays in the Wild Farm in Jabłonowo, under the care of the West Pomeranian Society of Life Sciences. There, under the watchful eye of a doctor, he slowly recovers.

– He has everything he needs. As soon as he recovers, he will be released – adds Buczkowski.

Bald eagle at the waterholeNadleśnictwo Tuczno / D. Dura

The white-tailed eagle is a protected species

The white-tailed eagle is the largest bird of prey occurring in Poland. Its wingspan can be up to 2.5 meters. – The white-tailed eagle is a protected species, and thanks to the zonal protection of breeding sites, its number in Poland is systematically increasing – informed Piotr Iwanicki from the Tuczno Forest District.

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Main photo source: Nadleśnictwo Tuczno / K. Broniewski

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