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Tuliszkow. The bodies of two men in a car outside one of the dining establishments

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The bodies of two men – aged 21 and 24 – were found in a car parked in front of a restaurant in Tuliszków (Wielkopolska). The causes of the incident are being investigated by the police and the prosecutor’s office. According to unofficial information, the cause of death may have been carbon monoxide poisoning.

Asp. staff. Dorota Grzelka from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Turek informed the Polish Press Agency that around At 4.30 the bodies of two men were found in a car parked in front of one of the dining establishments in Tuliszków. – Currently, investigations are underway under the supervision of a prosecutor from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Turek. More information will be provided by the prosecutor’s office, the police officer said.

The car was checked by firefighters

According to unofficial information obtained by PAP, investigators initially ruled out that third parties contributed to the death of two residents of the Kalisz district, aged 21 and 24, and the probable cause of their death was carbon monoxide poisoning. SFS officer in Turek, senior captain Krzysztof Gruszczyński told PAP that firefighters were called to the place where the body was found after 1 p.m. 7. – Our activities were to perform a test to check whether carbon monoxide would get inside the cabin with the car engine running – he said. As he described, after about 20 minutes of engine operation, firefighters checked the concentration of carbon monoxide inside the Renault passenger car. – The concentration was about 2000 ppm. It’s a lot, you can say that it’s already a lethal dose – said the firefighter.

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