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Tunisia. The Pole was sent to prison. Appeal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to citizens

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Daniel Dembowski – student of medicine and experimental biology from Łódź – he went with a popular travel agency to Tunisia. He rested there at the beginning of May, but he quickly got bored of sunbathing on the beach. On May 10, he set off for Tunis. Soon he was imprisoned in the desert, approximately 150 km from the capital of Tunisia.

The state of affairs is confirmed by the Polish ministry. Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Wroński said that Dembowski had been arrested while photographing a demonstrationand in his camera the Tunisian services found photos which – as he said – were “misinterpreted” by them.

Appeal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Let's check the information before leaving

According to the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Polish tourist is currently in a prison far from Tunis and is in contact with the Polish consul, who is providing him with all possible assistance.

– However, our jurisdiction does not include the independent state of Tunisia and it has a decisive role in the case. We are trying to explain this issuethat (Dembowski – ed.) is not a terrorist, just an ordinary tourist – added Wroński.

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– What may seem obvious to us and what we think we have the right to do may be a crime in another country. (…) There are situations like a state of emergency and ignorance of local law, unfortunately, does not exempt you from complying with it. So, we kindly ask you to protect yourself against such situations before leaving, he appealed at a press conference Radosław Sikorski.

A Pole imprisoned in Congo. The drama lasted over two months

The ministry's appeal is related to recent cases of arrests of Polish tourists and travelers. As we wrote in Interia, Mariusz Majewski was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This is the result of his journey and trasie Lubum – Kalemie – Goma – Island.

A man after being detained by local authorities was accused of sabotage, cooperation with extremist groups and espionage. According to investigators, the Pole was to “approach the front line with Mobondo militiamen; move along the front line without authorization from the competent authorities and without the company of qualified agents; take photos of sensitive and strategic places; secretly observe military activities.” On Tuesday, Mariusz Majewski was released and returned to Europe.

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