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Tunnel in the cave. Irresponsible behavior of drivers on the recordings

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GDDKiA has published recordings from the new tunnel of Zakopane, showing irresponsible behavior of drivers. They show, among others, “unfulfilled rappers” who record a music video in the tunnel, or two drivers of delivery vans who go out onto the road and take a picture with their cars.

“Unfortunately, there are still people for whom safety and applicable regulations do not matter,” she wrote GDDKiA. In addition to “unfulfilled rappers” and “photo break”, the recording also shows a driver who stops “for coffee” and another two who “stretch their legs” on the emergency lane.

GDDKiA explains that the actions of drivers in the tunnel are recorded by cameras that transmit the image live to the Tunnel Management Center, which works 24 hours a day. “The image from the cameras is recorded by the monitoring system. Each stop of the vehicle or the appearance of a pedestrian raises the alarm of the system” – we read.

Five years of waiting

Luboń hollowed out in the mountain Small the tunnel is 2058 meters long – and it is the second, right after the tunnel in Warsaw Ursynów, the longest in Poland. It consists of two lanes, each of them has two traffic lanes and an emergency lane.

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Passage through the new tunnel under Luboń Mały in ZakopiankaTVN24

The drilling of the tunnel began in 2017, and the opening date of the tunnel was postponed several times. The final delay was about a year. The tunnel was put into operation on November 12.

On the occasion of the opening of the tunnel, GDDKiA issued an information brochure with instructions on how to safely drive through it. We learn from it that you should pay attention to signs and traffic lights, you must not turn around or go back, you must keep an appropriate distance from other road users, you must not stop in the tunnel – only emergency parking is possible in designated places. Listen to the announcements in the tunnel over loudspeakers and follow the instructions given. It is also important to remember to adjust the speed to the applicable orders, because there is a sectional speed measurement in the tunnel.

Main photo source: GDDKiA

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