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Turk. They were amazed to see that disabled “envelopes” had been painted around their cars

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This is not malice on our part, but a way to motivate drivers – this is how the owner of the company that performed the work explains what happened in the Borek housing estate in the village of Turka (Lublin Voivodeship). Some residents found their cars parked in spots painted with blue paint. The estate was painting “envelopes” for the disabled.

– I left for work on Wednesday morning and saw it. I was amazed – says Paweł Rusinek, a resident of the Borek estate in the village of Turka in the Lublin poviat.

The paving stones around the car that was parked next to his were painted blue. Just like around a few more vehicles parked in the estate.

A car with an “envelope” around it Paweł Rusinek

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Mayor: It turned out to be quite a humorous situation

– Previously, I had not received any information that “envelopes” would be painted. If I had known, I would have moved the car. I also had a blue cube on one side of my car. So I got in from the other side and drove away – recalls the resident.

The Wólka commune office commissioned the painting of the “envelopes”. As part of a larger project involving changes in traffic organization in the estate.

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– It turned out to be quite a humorous situation. Fortunately, it wasn't a pit from which you couldn't get out, only paint – smiles mayor Edwin Gortat.

He adds that the company's employees left notes behind their car windshield wipers and went to individual blocks of flats.

– However, some drivers did not take their cars – notes the mayor.

The ultimate method to motivate drivers

Dominik Lisowski, owner of the Domino-Znak company that performed the task, says that employees tried to inform residents in every possible way.

– Only the partial painting of the envelopes motivated drivers to move their cars. It was not any malice on our part, but a last resort method – he emphasizes.

The signs have been there since December

He points out that since December last year, next to the places where “envelopes” are now painted, there have been signs informing that these are places for disabled people.

– A driver who is not disabled cannot park there – he points out.

Main photo source: Paweł Rusinek

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