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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Turkey. A few days and two earthquakes in Erzurum. “The rubble fell on my mother”

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The magnitude 4.7 earthquake hit the province of Erzurum in eastern Turkey on Monday. This is another strong quake recorded in the area within a few days.

On Monday there was an earthquake in the province of Erzurum in the east of Turkey, reported the Disaster and Crisis Management Presidency (AFAD).

There is no information about the casualties or damage from the quakes that occurred just days after the previous earthquake.

Turkey. Earthquake

A similarly strong earthquake occurred in the area on Friday (November 19). It had a magnitude of 5.1. The tremors destroyed over a dozen houses, as well as the animal shelter. Four people were injured, reported the Turkish media.

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– My barn has collapsed, leaving the animals without shelter. Several of my pets had to be pulled out from under the rubble. I was not here when the earthquake struck, said Orhan Kurmancî, a resident of the Erzurum province.

One of the four injured people remains in the University Hospital of Erzurum. According to the inhabitants, aid has reached some of the devastated areas, but more support is needed. – The rubble fell on my mother, the villagers came to pull her out from under him. At first they said he was dead. Eventually they pulled her out and the medical teams took her to the hospital. She is currently being treated – said Ilyas Kurmanci.

The Ministry of Health, rescue teams and AFAD sent representatives to the affected area and promised residents would receive compensation. The authorities have not yet estimated the exact scale of the damage caused by the earthquake.

ENEX, hurriyetdailynews.com

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