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Turkey, another earthquake. One person is dead and others are injured

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Turkey was hit again by an earthquake on Monday. Dozens of buildings collapsed in the south-east of the country, killing one person and injuring more than a hundred, authorities said. Several earthquakes and dozens of magnitude 5 to 6 aftershocks have already hit the region in the last three weeks, according to the government’s agency for emergency situations and natural disasters. “This is very unusual activity,” he assessed.

An earthquake hit the southeastern part of the country on Monday. 29 buildings collapsed, one person died and 110 were injured, Turkish authorities said. A rescue operation has been launched to extricate people trapped under the rubble. People were told to stay away from damaged buildings.

The quake had a magnitude of 5.6 and its epicenter was at a depth of 6.15 kilometers. It came three weeks after a powerful earthquake on the border between Turkey and Syriathat killed over 50,000 people. In Turkey alone, authorities said on Sunday that the death toll from the disaster had risen to 44,374.

Rescuers comb through the rubble

Reuters reported that CNN Turk television showed on Monday how rescuers in Malatya province lift a man from the rubble of a building, tied to a stretcher, and a moment later a woman, who is supposed to be his daughter. They were trying to get their belongings out of a building destroyed in the February 6 earthquake.

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Three other people are being sought in the ruins of another building.

A series of tremors in Turkey. “This is a very unusual activity”

Yunus Sezer, head of Turkey’s government agency for emergencies and natural disasters (AFAD), told the conference that search and rescue teams had been directed to five buildings.

Orhan Tatar, AFAD’s Director General of Earthquakes and Risk Reduction, said that since the tragic disaster earlier this month, there have been four more earthquakes in the region in the last three weeks, as well as 45 magnitude 5 to 6 aftershocks. .

“It’s a very unusual activity,” he said.

Challenge for Erdogan

Reuters notes that the series of earthquakes occurred months before presidential and parliamentary elections due to take place in June, which is the biggest political challenge facing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his 20-year rule.

At a press conference on Monday in Adiyaman, one of the provinces most affected by the February 6 earthquake, Erdogan admitted that his government’s response to the disaster was bad. “During the early days, we were unable to carry out the work at Adiyaman as efficiently as we would like due to aftershocks, damaged infrastructure and inclement weather,” he said. He also repeated his promise to rebuild homes quickly.

Main photo source: Reuters, Haytap

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