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Turkey. Cat with four ears. He has become an internet star

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A female cat named Midas was born with four ears. Her unusual appearance attracted crowds of fans and quickly became an internet star. Now he has over 75,000 followers on social media.

The cat was born in a garden in the capital of Turkey – Ankara – with five siblings. It is probably a hybrid of the Russian Blue Cat. She was adopted by Canis Dosemeci and her family who live in the Çankay district. As they said, they fell in love with her at first sight and wanted to take her in despite her flaws – she has a defect in the jaw and four ears.

Turkey. Cat with four ears

According to Resat Nuri Aslan, veterinarian, the four ears do not affect the health or hearing of the cat, because they are connected to each other by the ear canal.

Midas has her own Instagram account, where her owner posts numerous photos and videos with her participation. Zwierzak gained over 75,000 followers. Its owner hopes that the cat’s popularity on the internet will convince people to adopt animals rather than buy them.

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“We never thought about buying a cat, we just wanted to save one from the street and adopt one,” said Dosemeci, who also owns two golden retrievers (Zeyno and Suzi).

The name Midas comes from the mythological king of Phrygia, who had donkey ears but could turn anything he touched into gold.

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