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Turkey, earthquake. A soldier drove an excavator onto the balcony of a destroyed building. He obtained the phone of a mother who had lost contact with her son

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A Turkish soldier used an excavator to climb onto the balcony of an earthquake-damaged apartment in Antioch. In this way, he recovered the mobile phone of a 75-year-old woman who lost contact with her son five days ago. She was afraid he was dead.

The woman, who introduced herself as Mama Busra, was in a park in Antioch where tents had been set up for people who devastating earthquake and aftershocks have lost a roof over their heads. For five days, the 75-year-old had no contact with her son. She was afraid he was dead. She asked for help in recovering her cell phone.

Murathan Adil, a special forces soldier who came from Ankara to help with rescue operations, responded to her request. To get to the upper floor of the building, where the basement and part of the facade collapsed, he climbed into the bucket of the excavator. The operator of the machine lifted him above the rubble onto the balcony. From there, Adil took a red bundle with a phone from another rescuer. He went back to the tent with him.

Action to help a 75-year-old woman in AntiochReuters

Action to help a 75-year-old woman in AntiochReuters

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The device died before the mother could call her son. By luck, however, there was a person nearby who heard her son’s name. She knew he was alive and well. She dialed the number on her phone, the 75-year-old’s son picked up. The woman burst into tears at the sound of his voice.

The 75-year-old talked to her sonReuters

Mama Busra: Now I want to find my daughter

A Reuters reporter spoke briefly about the situation with the soldier, asking if there was indeed a conversation between mother and son. – Yes, thank God. She’s happier. God willing, her son will come and take her away from here, he replied. – It was very emotional. I have no words, he admitted.

The journalist also spoke to the 75-year-old herself. “When I got sick and went to the hospital, my son washed me and looked after me after I got out of the intensive care unit. He gave me food, took time off work, told his wife he would take care of me. Everyone took care of me, my daughter-in-law, my son and my daughter. God bless them. Now I want to find my daughter.

Main photo source: Reuters

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