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Turkey, earthquake. Report of the TVN24 team from the rescue operation of Polish firefighters

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It’s been almost a week since the tragic earthquake on the Turkish-Syrian border. Polish firefighters are among the teams that carry out a rescue operation in the Turkish city of Besni. TVN24 correspondent Paweł Łukasik talked to Mustafa, who has been waiting for six days hoping to find his brother.

Earthquake and aftershocks in Turkey and Syria took the lives of over 28,000 people. Rescuers, including Polish firefighters, are still looking for survivors. Their activities are reported from the Turkish Besni TVN24 correspondent Paweł Łukasik and TVN24 operator Tomasz Burdal. On Sunday afternoon, firefighters continue their efforts, including trying to reach the person located yesterday.

The TVN24 team looks at, among others, work of the Polish rescue team Huzar, which in Turkey will work, in an extended mode, until February 16. – Although theoretically no one should have a chance to survive, still people are found alive – TVN24 reporter Paweł Łukasik explained the decision to extend the action of Polish rescuers.

Łukasik spoke with Mustafa, who speaks Polish thanks to his studies in Poland. Mustafa has been waiting for his brother to be found for six days. He himself lived in a building that collapsed, but he was in the countryside at the time of the quake. “We have to wait because there is always hope,” Mustafa said. – There were 28 flats here. (…) At least there (under the rubble – ed.) there are still 50 people – said Mustafa, adding that he knew a large part of the building’s inhabitants.

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– There is always hope, but it’s very cold. (…) It is very hard even for us (on the surface – red) – he said. Mustafa also recalled stories from the search, when one family was found – the mother survived, while her husband and three children died, otherwise only the father survived, which shows that it is difficult to predict who will be saved.

Paweł Łukasik talks with MustafaTVN24

In despair, Mustafa admitted that he hoped that at least his brother’s body would be found whole and without major damage. Mustafa believes that first and on the largest scale, help was provided to the inhabitants of wealthier housing estates, and only later to the vicinity of the building where he and his brother lived.

– There are dozens, hundreds, thousands of such dramas all over Turkey. And in this place there is probably still some hope of finding living people, although it is fading more and more every hour and minute – summed up Paweł Łukasik.

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Reports by Paweł Łukasik and Tomasz Burdal from Turkey

The report of Paweł Łukasik and Tomasz Burdal from Turkey. Mustafa is waiting for his brother for the sixth dayTVN24
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Main photo source: TVN24

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