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Turkey, earthquake. Report of the TVN24 team from the rescue operation of Polish firefighters in Besnia

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It’s been almost a week since the tragic earthquake on the Turkish-Syrian border. Polish firefighters are among the teams that carry out a rescue operation in Turkish Besni. The commander of the troop, Sebastian Tomczyk, told TVN24 reporter Paweł Łukasik on Sunday morning about how they are trying to reach the next located person.

Earthquake and aftershocks in Turkey and Syria took the lives of over 28,000 people. Rescuers, including Polish firefighters, are still looking for survivors. Their activities are reported from the Turkish Besni by TVN24 correspondent Paweł Łukasik and TVN24 operator Tomasz Burdal. On Sunday morning, firefighters continue their efforts, including trying to reach the person located yesterday.

The rescued 22-year-old in “very good condition” heard another person

The commander of the troop, aspirant Sebastian Tomczyk told Paweł Łukasik that there is still hope for extracting people alive, because on Saturday, Turkish rescuers saved a 22-year-old alive. – He informed the rescuers that he heard voices in the near distance, probably somewhere above him. So our actions are aimed at finding this person who, according to our information, is still alive – he said.

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Tomczyk added that the 22-year-old was evacuated in “very good shape” among other things because he had drinks within reach.

Paweł Łukasik talked to the troop commander Sebastian TomczykTVN24

The presence of a living person was confirmed by geophones

When asked about the approximate location of the located person, Tomczyk said that firefighters know where this person slept with other buried people. – Telephones were found in these rooms, they (people) were not there, we predict that they tried to escape, so we are trying to get to them – he described.

The aspirant added that “the presence of a living person was confirmed by geophones” (devices that record seismic vibrations), but after some time the contact disappeared. – The dogs confirmed that there is a living person. In addition, with the participation of the Turkish army, we use a device that is able to visualize the temperature distribution inside the building. And this decomposition indicates that there is a living person there all the time, but it is trapped in loose rubble – he continued.

– Unfortunately, in such a long operation, our dogs lost their operational capabilities, suffered various types of injuries, so we asked Czech friends with dogs for help. They just arrived and we would like to use them here, and they are helping us,” he noted.

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Paweł Łukasik talked to the commander of the troop Sebastian Tomczyk in Besnia. Report from February 12TVN24
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Main photo source: TVN24

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