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Turkey, earthquake. The number of victims is growing, although rescuers managed to save more people

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In Turkey, the death toll from a powerful earthquake that struck the Turkish-Syrian borderland rose to 39,672 on Friday evening. Adding the death toll in Syria, the total number is about 45,500. Eleven days after the attack of the devastating element, rescuers managed to save three more people.

Information about the latest balance of victims of the earthquake was released on Friday evening by the Minister of the Interior Turkey Suleiman Sojlu. Previously, 38,044 deaths were reported. According to recent reports in Syria in government-controlled areas in Damascus, 1,414 people were killed, and 4,400 were reported in rebel-controlled areas. Thus, the total number of victims of the cataclysm of February 6 is almost 45.5 thousand.

Speaking to CNN Turk, Sojlu said that about 82,000 buildings had been collapsed or severely damaged as a result of the earthquake.

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Catastrophic destruction in the Turkish province of HatayPAP/EPA/SEDAT SUNA

Rescued eleven days after the earthquake

Rescuers rescued three more people from the rubble on Friday, Reuters reported. About 40-year-old Hakan from the province of Hatay survived 278 hours under the rubble after the start of the earthquake. Earlier, in Antioch, 14-year-old Osman Kalebiye and 34-year-old Mustafa were rescued.

The agency describes that Mustafa, after being rescued, met with his parents, who showed him his newborn child. – I lost hope. It’s a real miracle. My son was given to me. I saw the rubble and thought no one could be pulled out of there alive,” Mustafa’s father admitted.

The 34-year-old was taken to a hospital in Mersin. There, his wife Bilge and daughter Almile were waiting for him.

Adam Ziemienowicz/PAP/Reuters

Survivors face reality

According to some estimates, the tragic balance of victims in Turkey and Syria may even be twice as high. Hundreds of thousands of buildings are uninhabitable in the earthquake-affected area. Many survivors who are left homeless face freezing temperatures. The chances of finding the living decrease as the days go by.

Hans Kluge, the World Health Organization’s regional director for Europe, told a briefing this week that it would take “enormous efforts” to deliver the incalculable aid to the 26 million people suffering on both sides of the border. He also drew attention to the health risks that may occur due to the cold, the inability to maintain hygiene rules and the risk of infectious diseases.

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In Besnia, one of the Turkish cities affected by the cataclysm, the TVN24 crew – Paweł Łukasik and Tomasz Burdal – were present. See their reports:

Reports by Paweł Łukasik and Tomasz Burdal from Turkey

The report of Paweł Łukasik and Tomasz Burdal from Turkey. Mustafa is waiting for his brother for the sixth dayTVN24
video 2/ /14

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/SEDAT SUNA

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