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Turkey earthquake video No, it’s a different country, a different event

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Rescue operations are underway after Monday’s earthquake in Turkey and Syria – and footage showing the tragedy is circulating online. However, not all of them are up to date.

Nearly one and a half thousand dead and 7.6 thousand injured – this was the number of victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria on Monday, February 6 afternoon. Orhan Tatar of Turkey’s government agency for emergencies and natural disasters (AFAD) reported that the tremors destroyed 2,834 buildings. He specified that there were 120 aftershocks. The cataclysm also affected northwestern Syria. At least 810 people died there.

Witnesses of the tragedy distribute photos and recordings. The materials are intensively circulating in social media, Internet users are moved. However, not all photos show current events. “Earthquake in Turkey looks very bad #quake #Turkey #Turkey catastrophe,” one Twitter user tweeted on February 6, followed by a tweet by an English-speaking netizen of the same day. Also in that tweet there is information that the attached video about 20 seconds shows an earthquake in Turkey. It shows a collapsing building and a rising cloud of dust. In the foreground is the hotel swimming pool.

Contrary to the descriptions of Internet users, this video does not show the earthquake in TurkeyTwitter

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The same recording was published by many other Internet users. It appeared in tweets alongside other videos documenting the Turkish-Syrian earthquake. “According to the Turkish Interior Ministry, the earthquake affected 10 cities. In the provinces of Osmaniye, Şanlıurfa and Diyarbakır, dozens of houses collapsed. In the city of Adana, a 17-story building collapsed, and in the province of Malatya, 140 houses were damaged,” one of the Internet users reported on February 6. He posted the footage discussed above and three other videos of the earthquake damage.

Florida, 2021

Some Internet users quickly reacted to the video of the swimming pool and the collapsing building – they explained that it was not made in Turkey at all. We uploaded the frame from the film to internet image search engines. One of the results was a recording published on June 25, 2021 on YouTube by the American television station ABC7. “Video from the security camera of a neighboring building shows the moment of the collapse of the building on the beach in Surfside, near Miami,” reads the description of the video. They also published it then other American media.

Recording published on YouTube in June 2021 by ABC7YouTube/ABC7

98 people died in a building collapse in Florida. In September 2021, The New York Times describedhow faulty design and construction flaws may have contributed to the disaster.

Author:Krzysztof Jablonowski

Main photo source: PAP/EPA

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