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Turkey. Polish rescuers fight against time and frost. “Let me know, tap anything, drop something”

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Polish rescuers continue to help residents of southern Turkey, affected by a catastrophic earthquake on Monday. Almost five days after the disaster, firefighters managed to make contact with another living person, a rescue operation is underway. The work of the rescuers, who have so far saved 11 people in the city of Besni, is followed by TVN24 correspondent Paweł Łukasik and TVN24 operator Tomasz Burdal.

The search for survivors under the rubble of Besni in southern Turkey continues on Friday. Although the chances of finding survivors decrease with every hour, in the morning Polish firefighters from the HUSAR group managed to make contact with a man trapped in the rubble. The course of the rescue operation is reported by TVN24 correspondent Paweł Łukasik and TVN24 operator Tomasz Burdal.

“Let me know, tap anything”

As Paweł Łukasik explained on TVN24, there are different categories of searching for survivors – pointing to a dog, pointing to a geophone and the most valuable one, i.e. direct contact with a living person.

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“Firefighters have special devices they put inside that are able to hear a pin falling from a desk in such a pile of rubble,” the correspondent said. – Poles also have help from those who speak Turkish. [Osoba ta – red.] calls through the megaphone “let me know, tap anything, drop something”, because not everyone has the strength to scream, not everyone is able to break through these rubble with their voice after more than four days.

This morning, rescuers managed to make contact with a living person. Poles are the best equipped rescue group that operates in Besnia, which is why firefighters from the HUSAR group immediately started the rescue operation.

Andrzej Bartkowiak, the chief commander of the State Fire Service, informed about establishing contact with a living person. “Another person is being rescued! Rescuer in Turkish then in English “can you talk to me? Four taps were heard in response, “There is hope

Fighting for every life

Łukasik added that the action will continue until all living people have been located. Information about found individuals is still coming from other cities in Turkey, but time and weather conditions, especially cold, work to the disadvantage of rescuers. Bonfires are lit in the streets of Besni, where locals and pets try to warm themselves. Blocks that have not completely collapsed are cracked and uninhabitable.

– It’s dark, cold, no heating, no water – said Łukasik, pointing to a line of parked cars in which people from Besnia sleep.

The correspondent also told about the next phase of the search. Heavy equipment is slowly entering the rubble heap in Besni.

– From the point of view of people who are under the rubble, it is very risky, but there is no other method. No checks give results anymore – explained Łukasik. – As far as the whole of Turkey is concerned, media reports show that after such equipment arrives, it will dig up, uncover a little, let in some air through which a human voice can pass. Then there is also a chance to actually reach these people.

The rescue operation in Besni is underwayTVN24

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

The epicenter of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit southeastern Turkey and northwestern Syria on Monday morning was in Turkey’s Kahramanmaras province. Less than 12 hours later, a second 7.7-magnitude quake struck a few tens of kilometers to the north. Both phenomena were accompanied by a series of over 100 aftershocks.

The affected region of south-eastern Turkey and north-western Syria is seismically active and tremors are frequent. However, the latter is the most powerful cataclysm of this type in this region in recent times. In 1999, an earthquake in Izmit, Turkey, killed 17,000-18,000 people. Measurements showed that the quake had a magnitude of 7.6.


The deadliest earthquake in the history of seismic measurements was recorded in 1976 in the Chinese province of Tangshan. The official figures of the authorities spoke of 250,000 victims. They were probably greatly underestimated, because some sources gave the number of people killed as high as 650,000. The earthquake in Tangshan had an official magnitude of 7.5, although other measurements put it as high as 8.2. In turn, the magnitude of 9.5 was the strongest recorded quake in history, in 1960, in Chile. More than 1,650 people died then.

Main photo source: TVN24

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