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Turkey. Strong earthquake. A resident of Diyarbakir reports on catalcosm

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We were sleeping, my husband woke me up, the quake lasted a very long time, it was very strong. After all this, we took the most necessary things and ran outside – described Zuzanna Koyun, a resident of Turkish Diyarbakir, which is among the cities affected by Monday’s severe earthquake in “Tak jest”.

An earthquake hit Turkey, Syria and Lebanon in the morning, which had a magnitude between 7.4 and 7.9. IN Turkey at least 1,651 people died in Syria at least 1,000. The number of wounded exceeded 11,000.

“I see a lot of destroyed buildings”

Zuzanna Koyun, who lives there, spoke about the situation in the city of Diyarbakir (located in south-eastern Turkey) affected by the cataclysm in “Tak jest” on TVN24. – I see a lot of destroyed buildings. From the information we have, twenty buildings must have been destroyed. A lot of people have left their apartments, if they have the opportunity, or they are in cars, somewhere in an empty space, or like me, I am currently staying in a place organized by the city, i.e. a stadium where people can take shelter, she described.

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Koyun said she received an alert in the morning that there was going to be “a fairly large earthquake back”. “It worked because it was (magnitude quake) 7.7, which is almost the same as the first one,” she recalled.

“Now we’re waiting, we can’t go home because as far as we know, we’re still waiting for another big earthquake,” she said.

Effects of the earthquake in Diyarbakir PAP/EPA/REFIK TEKIN

When asked how she remembers the first, biggest quake of the night, Koyun recalled that it was after four o’clock. – We were sleeping, my husband woke me up, the quake lasted a long time, it was very strong. After all, when the whole building, the whole apartment, stopped shaking, we took the most necessary things and ran outside and waited, because there were over twenty aftershocks – she said.

Koyun noted that Diyarbakir had been experiencing heavy snowfall for four days. “The airport was closed, schools were closed,” she recalled. “Now this afternoon there was a very large thunderstorm, heavy rainfall, so that’s definitely hampering the work of the crews who are trying to extricate victims from under the rubble,” she noted.


Main photo source: TVN24

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