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Turkish. 11-year-old electrocuted. Rollerblading, he touched a street lamp

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A boy, while rollerblading, caught a street lamp and was electrocuted. The quick intervention of a passer-by allowed the child to avoid burns. The boy was taken to the hospital, and the energy emergency workers appeared on the spot. The police explain why the metal pole was electrified.

The incident took place on Wednesday, June 7 at the Wyzwolenia estate in Turku. approx. 21.30 An 11-year-old rollerblader, wanting to brake, grabbed a street lamp. It turned out that it was electrified and the boy was electrocuted and could not tear himself away from it.

Only thanks to the quick intervention of a passerby, the child managed to avoid being burned. The witness helped him by pulling him away from the lamp post.

The boy was taken to the children’s ward of the Turek hospital, where he is under observation.

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The power company arrived on the scene

– The employees of the power emergency service who arrived at the scene confirmed that the metal pole was under voltage. The lantern has been de-energized. The circumstances of the incident are being clarified by officers of the Turek police – says Deputy Commissioner Dorota Grzelka, press officer of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Turek.

The proceedings will be conducted in the direction of exposure to the risk of loss of life or health.

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