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Turkish. The 87-year-old died. The woman most likely had carbon monoxide poisoning

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Unable to get to her mother, she asked for help from the firefighters from Turek (Greater Poland Voivodeship). They came and with the help of specialized equipment got into the senior’s apartment. The woman was dead. The 87-year-old probably poisoned herself with carbon monoxide.

Late Saturday evening, firefighters intervened in Turek (Greater Poland Voivodeship). A woman who was unable to get to her mother’s apartment asked for help. A total of four hosts were ordered to the site. – The woman’s daughter went to her mother. The door was locked, most likely with a key, because she couldn’t open it herself. There was a suspicion that the woman might be unconscious – reports Cpt. Krzysztof Gruszczyński, spokesman for the fire service in Turek.


He added that after arriving at the place, for fear of the condition of the tenant, the services decided to open the door with the use of tools.

She was already dead

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– An ambulance was called to the scene, the death of an 87-year-old woman was found. We also checked on site with a meter that there were no hazardous substances in the apartment and it actually turned out that there was the presence of carbon monoxide. The apartment was heated by a tiled stove and most likely carbon monoxide was the cause of this event – said Gruszczyński. The detailed circumstances of the 87-year-old’s death will be clarified.

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