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Türkiye. A roller coaster accident in Antalya, a car full of people hit a pole. Victims

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There was a tragic cable car accident in Antalya in southern Turkey. According to Turkish authorities, one person was killed and 10 were injured. All 174 people stuck in the carriages and waiting for rescue have already been freed.

The accident occurred on Friday when one of the wagons with eight people inside collided with a fallen pole. The passengers of the wagon fell out of it onto the rocky ground. One person died – a 54-year-old Turk.

Due to the collision, the movement of the entire train automatically stopped, leaving 174 people stuck in the air in the remaining carriages. The rescue operation using helicopters continued at night and on Saturday. On Saturday, Turkish authorities reported that 10 people were injured. There are children among them.

Helicopters with night vision goggles continued to rescue people throughout the night. 10 helicopters and over 600 rescuers participated in the operation, the AP reported. On Saturday afternoon, all people stuck in the carriages were rescued.

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– An investigation has been initiated into the case. In connection with the accident, Turkish prosecutors ordered the detention of 13 people, including high-ranking representatives of the private company that controls the cable car, said Turkish Minister of Justice Tunc Yilmaz.

Cable car accident in TurkeyAbaca/PAP/EPA

According to Reuters, the cable car has 36 cabins with a capacity of six people each, and the ride up the hill to the Tunektepe facility with a panoramic view of the city of Antalya takes an average of nine minutes.

Cable car accident in TurkeyAbaca/PAP/EPA


Main photo source: Suleyman Elcin/Abaca/Forum

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