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Türkiye. Floods in Ankara. The waterfall poured out of the apartment

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Torrential rain hit Turkey on Saturday. In the country’s capital, water entered homes – in places there was so much water that it poured out of apartments through balconies, taking furniture with it. According to local residents, this is not the first time this has happened.

Heavy rains hit Turkey on Saturday. It rained in many regions of the country, from Istanbul to Antalya, located on the southern coast. Particularly heavy rainfall was recorded in the capital, Ankara.

The waterfall flooded the apartment

Downpours over Ankara caused local flooding. Many roads turned into torrents, obstructing traffic to the point that drivers had to leave their vehicles. Water also entered underground passages, city markets and even houses.

A resident of the Yenimahalle district managed to capture the moment when the water flowing from the road pours into the neighboring building and then overflows through the apartment on the first floor. A waterfall of rainwater tore off the balcony, lifting the furniture with it.

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“This is the third flood I’ve seen in four years,” said one neighborhood resident. – Water accumulates on this poorly designed road and every year the flats on the lowest floors are flooded. What would happen if the water surprised the people sleeping there? – he told in an interview with a local portal.

This is not the only flood that has hit the Turkish capital in the past week. Ankara has experienced heavy downpours for a week, causing property damage and disruption to public transport.

Water spills from an apartment building in AnkaraReuters

Water spills from an apartment building in AnkaraReuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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