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Türkiye. Friend, ChatGPT, two cameras, a handset and the police during the university entrance exam

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A young Turkish man wanted to go to university. Unfortunately, he got in his own way. Using another human being in the form of a friend, the ChatGPT application, cameras in the shirt button and – for some reason – also in the sole, and a router resembling a payment card, he tried to support his intellectual powers. Ultimately, the police intervened and the case was covered by the media in many countries, including – as you can see – in Poland.

Police in Turkey detained a man who cheated during the university entrance exam using artificial intelligence (AI).

The carefully prepared collection plan was described on Tuesday by the Hurriyet Daily News website. The would-be student built a camera into his shirt button, hid another device in the sole of his shoe, and also had an earpiece.

The candidate would take photos of the exam questions and send them to an accomplice who was outside. Using the ChatGPT program, he generated answers to the questions and transmitted them back to the examinee's handset.

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However, the complicated process of acquiring knowledge overwhelmed the candidate. He behaved so strangely that he aroused the attention of those supervising the exam.

The police were called. Both men were detained. It is not yet known what consequences await them.

Main photo source: T. Schneider / Shutterstock

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