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Türkiye. “He fell through the glass door.” A 15-year-old boy was seriously injured while on holiday in Antalya

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A British teenager was seriously injured after he fell through a glass door onto a hotel balcony while on holiday in Antalya, Turkey, media reported. “When I arrived, they thought he was going to die,” says the boy’s mother. Since the injured man did not have travel insurance, the family had to organize a fundraiser to cover the costs of the injured man’s treatment and return to the country.

Fifteen-year-old Liam from the village of Hattersley in England was on vacation at a Turkish resort with family friends. The teenager suffered serious cuts to his neck, stomach, hips and hands after he “went into a hotel room and tried to open the glass door” but “falled through it onto the balcony”, his mother, Steph Burke, later told ITV News. She added that after the fall, her son “got up, but was in complete shock”. “Mirror” published photos of the hotel on Thursday. They show a damaged door and shards of glass on the balcony.

“He can’t talk and he can’t eat”

According to the mother, who arrived in Antalya on Wednesday, the 15-year-old “lost a lot of blood” and was transported to a local hospital. He underwent surgery and, according to Burke, “he’s fine at the moment, but he can’t talk and he’s not allowed to eat,” she said. In an interview with “Mirror” she added that the injuries he suffered “will change his life”, but “it could have been worse”. “When I arrived, they thought he was going to die,” she admitted.

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Liam needs a second operation, but the doctors won’t do it unless the injured man’s family pays for it. Burke admitted that her son did not have travel insurance. – We need another 4,000 pounds (approx. 20.6 thousand zlotys – ed.) in addition to the 1,600 pounds that the hospital has already charged – said the mother.

The family needs to raise funds

Burke urged people who go on holiday abroad to “make sure they have travel insurance”. She stressed that she now needs help to “bring her son back home”. To help fund the treatment, the victim’s family organized a GoFundMe fundraiser on Wednesday. In less than 24 hours, more than 300 donors gave Liam £6,750.

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