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Türkiye. Over 50 degrees on deck. Passengers could not leave the machine

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This was not how the end of the Turkish holiday was supposed to look like. 189 people who bought a flight from Antalya to Münster literally experienced “hell”. A disturbing event took place on Thursday, June 6, But German the media began to publicize the case Now.

It all started right after passengers left the terminal and boarded the Boeing 737-800 Mavi Gök Airlines. As soon as they entered the cabin, it hit them amazing warmth.

As it turned out, in the machine the air conditioning broke down service began to repair the system, however, at this time did not let the passengers off the plane.

Türkiye. The plane to Germany had a serious problem. The temperature reached over 50 degrees

The situation was made worse by the fact that – despite the evening hours – it was located in the south Turkey Antalya the temperature was about 41 degrees. This left the Boeing with almost 200 tourists on board it quickly began to heat up even more.

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According to witnesses who posted recordings on social media and reported the incident, at one point the thermometers showed 52 degrees.

Another quarter of an hour passed, the plane was still standing on the tarmac, and the failure was still not resolved. Dominik Janßen – one of the passengers – said in an interview with the media that the temperature was extremely high Children had a particularly bad time.

– The children were crying louder and louder, everyone was completely wet. The situation was very difficult, the man said. – Some parents were mortally afraid for their children. Panic spread to everyone – added.

Holidays 2024. The plane turned back. The airline issued a statement

Tourists However, they could not count on care from the crew. According to them, the staff continued preparations for the flight, and the plane began to taxi towards the runway. The quoted passenger's wife – Nancy Janssen – said it was sudden Turkish speaking doctor he told stewardesses that if the plane took off, “the children would not survive this journey.”

Ultimately the pilot responded to the medic's appeal and turned the Boeing around. Passengers could disembark after an hour and go to the terminal, but also there the airlines didn't even offer them water. Most passengers finally arrived with a delay of several hours she got to Germany.

Mavi Gök Airlines issued a statement regarding the incident. “The safety and well-being of our passengers and crew is our highest priority.” – the company said and made a commitment cooperate with the relevant authorities, to prevent similar situations in the future.

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