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Türkiye. Scientist Mark Dickey trapped in Morca Cave. Poles are helping in the rescue operation

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A rescue operation is underway in Turkey for American scientist Mark Dickey, who felt unwell while exploring the country’s third deepest cave. Teams from various countries, including six rescuers from Poland, got involved in the activities.

For several days, the services have been carrying out a rescue operation for an American scientist, 40-year-old Mark Dickey, who fell ill on Saturday in the Morca Cave in the Taurus Mountains in Turkey and is unable to get out on his own. The Turkish Caving Federation said about 150 rescuers were involved in the complicated operation. On Thursday, the head of the federation Bulent Genc told CNN that the work could take several days due to the fact that the cave is deep and narrow.

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American scientist trapped in a cave

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Dickey is an experienced member of the research team who explored the third deepest cave in Turkey – Morca is over 1.2 thousand meters deep. meters. Located at a depth of 1.1 thousand The subway man felt unwell, so his colleagues helped him to the base located about 1,000 meters underground, the Turkish Caving Federation said. It was also reported that the man most likely suffered gastrointestinal bleeding and was provided with six units of blood. It was indicated that he was able to walk on his own and his condition was described as stable.

The scientist said personally – in a recording made available by the Turkish authorities to the media – that he would not be able to leave the cave on his own. – As you can see, I’m standing, ready, talking. But inside I’m not healthy yet so I’m going to need a lot of help to get out of here,” Dickey said in an emotional video shared by the media. He noted that his case was an “excellent opportunity” to show how different countries can work together and thanked everyone for their help. As he added, quoted by NBC, he doesn’t quite know what happened. “However, I know that the quick response of the Turkish government to provide me with the medical supplies I needed saved my life.”

Teams from several countries are assisting in the rescue operation, including HungarianItaly, Bulgaria, Croatia, USA and Poland. The Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service announced on Facebook that three Poles went underground on Thursday. “Their task is to bring medicines and food to the camp where the injured person is located, and then, together with rescuers from Bulgaria preparation for transport of the injured stretcher in the section of the cave from -900 to -700 meters” – it was written. Three more rescuers from Poland also remained on the surface.

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Main photo source: Reuters

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