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Turkmenistan. President Berdimuhamedov announced an “uncompromising fight” against smoking

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The President of Turkmenistan announced an uncompromising fight against the illegal import of tobacco products and their consumption. According to Sedar Berdimuhamedow, his country will completely eliminate smoking by 2025.

State media in Turkmenistan reported that President Sedar Berdimuhamedov stressed after Wednesday’s meeting of the Security Council of Turkmenistan that “an uncompromising fight against the illegal import of tobacco products and their consumption” is necessary.

The leader has decided to eliminate smoking throughout the country by 2025, the AFP news agency reported on Thursday.

Serdar Berdimuhamedovwww.ctbto.org

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“Our country intends to contribute to the expansion of the world’s territories where there is no tobacco and has launched an anti-tobacco program on an unprecedented scale,” the president said after the session of the security council.

Turkmenistan fights against tobacco

According to AFP, Turkmenistan already has very strict regulations in place as part of the anti-tobacco campaign, prohibiting, among other things, smoking in public places, and cigarettes can only be purchased in state-owned stores.

About 20 young men were detained for smuggling tobacco, according to Thursday’s report by Turkmen state television. Berdimuhamedov therefore issued a “severe reprimand” to the customs services “for the improper performance of duties”, according to the French agency.

In late May, Turkmen authorities ordered young men to shave their beards because long stubble is associated with religious extremism. The action of forced shaving of young men is supervised by the police. Last year, restrictions related to appearance extended to Turkmen women. They concerned tight clothes, hair dyeing and even plastic surgery.

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