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Turnout in the European elections. How many people went to the polls in the EU and how does Poland compare to Europe?

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According to exit poll results, the Civic Coalition won the European Parliament elections in Poland with a result of 38.2 percent. Law and Justice came second with 33.9 percent. This year's turnout was lower than in the previous European elections and amounted to less than 40 percent. How do we compare to Europe in this respect?

Poll election results. Special service tvn24.pl

On Sunday, elections to the European Parliament were held in Poland, in which we elected 53 MEPs. According to preliminary exit poll results, most Poles voted for the Civic Coalition, which obtained 38.2 percent. votes. Law and Justice came second with 33.9%, and Konfederacja third with 11.9%. support. Third Road obtained 8.2 percent and the Left 6.6 percent.

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European elections. Turnout in Poland

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This year's turnout was lower than in the previous European elections and, according to preliminary data, it amounted to 39.7 percent., the lowest in ten years among all national elections. Then, in 2014, we also went to the polls in the European elections 23.83 percent Poles.

In the last elections to the European Parliament in 2019, the turnout was the highest in the history of European elections in Poland – 45.68 percent It voted in the 2009 European elections 24.53 percent Poles entitled to vote, and in the 2004 elections, in which Poles elected members of the European Parliament for the first time in history, the turnout was 20.87 percent.

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European elections. Turnout in other countries

On election night, poll results from other EU countries also arrive. According to EP data, the estimated turnout in the elections across the EU was 51%. This is a higher result than five years ago, when the voter participation was 50.6%. was the highest in 20 years. As EP spokesman Jaume Duch Guillot announced, not all countries, including Italy, have finished voting – the final result, in his opinion, may be even higher.

Preliminary turnout data is currently available in several EU countries.

Malta – 72.82 percent (as of 7:12 p.m.) Germany – 65 percent (as of 8:12 p.m.) Romania – 52.2 percent. (as of 9:14 p.m.) France – 51.59 percent. (as at 20:12) Cyprus – 50.50 percent (as at 18:24) Netherlands – 46.80 percent (as at 18:24) Greece – 40.50 percent (as of 21:14)
Poland – 39.7 percent (as of 9:00 p.m.)
Portugal – 36.48 percent (as of 9:14 p.m.) Bulgaria – 33.09 percent (as of 8:12 p.m.) Croatia – 20.46 percent (as of 21:14)

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