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Turnout in the European Parliament elections 2024. The highest in the largest cities

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According to Ipsos exit poll results, turnout in this year's elections was the weakest in 10 years and amounted to 39.7%. As the survey shows, the turnout level depended on the size of the town. It was the highest in cities and the lowest in villages.


In rural areas, 35.5 percent went to the polls. people entitled to vote. This percentage is higher in small towns, where the number of inhabitants reaches 50,000 people and amounts to 38.4%.

In the case of cities with a population of 51,000 to 200,000 people, the percentage of voters increased to 41.2%. Cities with a population ranging from 201,000 to 500,000 turned out 45%.

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Large cities showed the highest turnout. Where more than 500,000 people live, the percentage of people entitled to vote was 51.1%.

Comparing interest in this year's European Parliament elections with those in 2019, turnout decreased by more than three percentage points. At that time, 43% of Poles entitled to vote elected their representatives in Brussels. The percentage of voters on June 9 is clearly lower than in this year's local elections.

Main photo source: PAP/Tomasz Gzell

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