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Turow Mine. Complaints against the decision – the Supreme Administrative Court provided the date of the case

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On July 10, a hearing on complaints against the suspension of the implementation of the environmental decision regarding the concession for coal mining for the Turów mine after 2026 is to be held, the information department of the Supreme Administrative Court (NSA) told the Polish Press Agency.

It concerns complaints against the decisions of the Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw of 31 May this year. At that time, the court suspended – pending the examination of the relevant complaint – the execution of the environmental decision regarding the concession for coal mining for Turów mine after 2026

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The case of complaints against the decision in the Turów case

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The case concerns the decision of the General Directorate of Environmental Protection of September 30, 2022 specifying the environmental conditions for the implementation of the project: “Continuation of exploitation of the Turów lignite deposit, implemented in the Bogatynia commune”. Complaints against the environmental decision were filed, among others, by Frank Bold Foundation, Greenpeace and EKO-UNIA Ecological Association.

“In the court’s opinion, there were reasons to suspend the execution of the contested decision due to the possibility of irreversible damage to the environment” – informed the WSA at the beginning of June. The WSA spokeswoman also stated at that time that the decision issued by the WSA on 31 May this year does not suspend the operation of the Turów mine.

That decision was not final and three appeals were filed against it. In the first half of June, it was reported that GDOŚ and PGE GiEK filed such complaints.

At that time, the National Prosecutor’s Office informed about joining the case before the administrative court and filing its own complaint. According to PK, the court did not explain “what specific events or circumstances will cause difficult or even irreversible damage to the environment and irreparable damage to property.” Moreover, according to the PK, the Provincial Administrative Court confined itself “in principle to duplicating the arguments presented by the applicants for suspension of the execution of the decision”.

These three complaints are to be dealt with by the Supreme Administrative Court on July 10 this year. The meeting will be classified.

Complaint against an environmental decision

Meanwhile, in the second half of June, the Provincial Administrative Court informed that the actual complaint against the environmental decision – in connection with which a decision to suspend the implementation of this decision was issued – was to be considered by this court on August 31 this year.

The contested decision of the General Directorate for Environmental Protection partly repealed and partly upheld the decision of January 21, 2020 of the Regional Director for Environmental Protection in Wrocław on the environmental conditions for the implementation of the project “Continuation of exploitation of the Turów lignite deposit”.

United politicians Politicians in Bogatynia (photo from June 24)twitter.com/MorawieckiM

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