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Turów Power Plant. Czech Republic. The parliamentary committee for the environment learned about the state of negotiations regarding Turów

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Negotiations on the Turów power plant are still pending. The Czech parliamentary environmental committee learned the state of the negotiations on Thursday. Participants in the negotiations admitted that the talks had gone far, but that there were still open questions.

One of them is the possible consequences of not respecting the planned contract. Deputy ministers of the environment, Vladislav Smrż, and of foreign affairs, Martin Smolek, stressed to the committee that the negotiations had advanced significantly over the past two months. Smrż complained that although the Czech side sends its proposals in advance, on the other hand, there is no similar behavior, and the Polish side often returns and wants to open already negotiated points of agreement.

The dispute over the Turów power plant – the state of negotiations

According to Czech negotiators, they failed to agree on one of the most important issues in their opinion, i.e. a provision on sanctions for possible non-compliance with the treaty by one of the parties. Prague wants each such case to be judged and punished separately by the EU judiciary.

This topic is to appear during the talks next Thursday, announced in an interview with PAP on Friday, Polish deputy climate minister Adam Guibourge-Czetwertyński.

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During the meeting of the commission of the Czech Chamber of Deputies, there was an opinion that the Polish side was delaying the negotiations, hoping that the penalties it could face for not complying with the CJEU’s decision to immediately shut down production would be charged at a later date.


Parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic

During the committee meeting, the issue of the impact of the Czech parliamentary elections to be held on 8 and 9 October on the progress of the negotiations was raised. Negotiators rejected the thesis that they may be related to the talks, their pace and substantive content.

– No matter how the elections go. It does not matter whether the minister is from one party or another, said the deputy minister of foreign affairs.

Main photo source: TVN24

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