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Turtle. 23 years ago he lost his wedding ring. They found her by clearing the forest of nails – traps for drivers

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They were cleaning the forest in the Żółwin Forestry near Bydgoszcz. They were looking for nails scattered on the road as traps for drivers. Finally, they “swung” the equipment one meter from the road and found a wedding ring that the forester had lost 23 years ago.

Forester Adam Kata asked the Historical and Archaeological Association “Bractwo” to clean up the forest. It was about 1,800 hectares in the Żółwin Forestry subordinated to the Bydgoszcz Forestry Inspectorate.

“Some Samaritan spilled nails on the road,” says Kata.

The nails were manually welded to the washers, pointing up and driving into the wheels. The forester is convinced that the “Samaritan” wanted to fight prostitution – clients of women earning money in this way are supposed to drive them to the forest in Żółwin. Amateurs of quads and cross bikes also ride illegally in the forest.

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The executioner admits that it is a nuisance, but he also fell victim to traps during work and cyclists.

Nails on washers scattered in the forestHistorical and Archaeological Association “Bractwo”

Nails on washers scattered in the forestHistorical and Archaeological Association “Bractwo”

They found a lot of scrap, pins, coins

The Historical and Archaeological Association “Bractwo” searches for historical treasures on a daily basis. They have the right tools for this, and before setting out in the field, they obtain the consent of the conservator of monuments.

Treasure hunting equipmentHistorical and Archaeological Association “Bractwo”

While cleaning the forest in Żółwin on Saturday, they found a lot of scrap metal, hairpins, coins from the Second World War, nothing valuable to historians. But – by chance – also an important souvenir of the forester Katy.

Treasures found in the forest in ŻółwinHistorical and Archaeological Association “Bractwo”

The ring was too loose

I left shortly after the wedding German to work with asparagus – Adam Kata recalls events from 23 years ago. – It was hard work. Mountains on the border with Austria, the man ate less, other food, sweated and after three weeks I lost 15 kilograms. The dog didn’t recognize me. They said I could hide behind a spade.

Effect? The ring on her finger was loose. After returning to work in the Polish forest, Kata took off the glove from his right hand, and with it, accidentally, the wedding ring. He waved his glove and it was over. He immediately realized what he had lost and rushed to look for it, but in vain. He searched for two months before giving up.

Now, after 23 years, he made a joke to the Brotherhood people that they might find his wedding ring. Nobody believed it would work.

A wedding ring found in the forest 23 years after being lostHistorical and Archaeological Association “Bractwo”

Now the finger is too fat

– Sometimes we were looking for wedding rings on request. But in the backyard. Finding something like this in 1,800 hectares of forest after 23 years of being lost is unbelievable, it must be a fluke – says Piotr Glimasiński from “Bractwo”. – When we were about to enter the forest, my friend Marek Strzyżewski waved the equipment one meter from the road, then raised his hands up and shouted something to us. we ran.

It turned out to be a forester’s wedding ring. It’s no longer on the finger. Kata is back to his wedding weight, but his right hand has gotten bigger from working in the woods.

Marek found Mr. Adam’s wedding ring by chanceHistorical and Archaeological Association “Bractwo”

Main photo source: Historical and Archaeological Association “Bractwo”

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