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Tusk: In the coming weeks we will present the scale of financial fraud. The hair on your head stands on end

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In the coming weeks, Poland will see the scale of financial fraud, especially in State Treasury companies. The hair on your head stands on end, said Prime Minister Donald Tusk in his first interview since taking office.

The head of government emphasized in Friday’s interview that “we are witnessing the state being cleansed of abuses and financial, aggressive greed.” As he noted, “the authorities will no longer go unpunished.” – I will be consistent in this – he assured. – There is no room for negotiation that we will do a little here. Either there is the rule of law, or cliques and coteries rule, said the Prime Minister. – Someone says brutally that it is a “cell plus” program. In a sense, I used this sharp shortcut during the election campaign and today, in a sense, we are implementing the “minus trough” program, which means cutting off people in power from unjustified privileges, Tusk explained.

– In the coming weeks, Poland will see the scale of financial abuses by the highest officials of Law and Justice, especially in State Treasury companies, which will make your hair stand on end – announced the Prime Minister. Donald Tusk. – I am an experienced person. I thought I saw everything, he added.

When asked if he could say more today, he replied “no, I want to be faithful to the procedures.” – This work is ongoing not so that I can show off in the media, but to draw legal consequences and apply appropriate procedures – he noted.

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– But it is a matter of days, weeks, we will not delay it – added Prime Minister Tusk.

Filling positions in State Treasury companies

When asked about the issue of filling positions in State Treasury companies, he replied that “there will, of course, be competitions.” – With the Minister (of state assets Borys) Budka we will present a very precise list of these companies (important) for the strategic security of the state, where we will not pretend that the government has no influence on who manages these companies and for what reasons, but in all situations, without exception, a competition will apply and also This idea of ​​nomination committees is already being implemented by Minister Budka, Tusk announced.

The Prime Minister emphasized that “these processes will be transparent.” – I’m not saying that you will have live broadcasts of supervisory board meetings, because these are also listed companies. But I will personally make sure, together with Minister Budka, that the process is transparent, clear to the public, based on clear rules, and the competition will be a method that no one will be able to bypass in any State Treasury company, he explained.

– However, it is obvious that where the state is the dominant or key owner, and where it concerns, for example, the state’s energy security, I will not pretend that we will not have expectations and recommendations. This is absolutely obvious. But everyone will have to go through the procedure anyway, and it will be a public assessment and competition procedure, he added.

Who will become the president of Orlen?

Referring to the issue of filling the positions of presidents of State Treasury companies, Donald Tusk said that “he has not seen such incorrect forecasts for a long time.” When asked whether Elżbieta Bieńkowska was such an incorrect forecast (she would take the position of president of Orlen – editor’s note), he replied “completely”.

– I greatly respect the minister, deputy prime minister, commissioner, my close colleague, but someone is hurting her. It is neither in her nor anyone else’s interest to say such unconventional things in the media, the Prime Minister emphasized.

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