Tusk: the violinist on the roof, or a method for killing the insane


“Fiddler on the Roof, or a method for killing the insane. No court will buy it,” wrote Prime Minister Donald Tusk on social media, referring to the case of MP Dariusz Matecki, who went to the roof of the Sejm before dawn on Friday.

Marshal of the Sejm Szymon Hołownia reported on Friday that there was an incident at night – someone was on the roof of the parliament building, where “they shouldn't be, because no one should be on the roof at 3 or 4 o'clock.” When asked if it was Dariusz Matecki from Sovereign Poland, he only said that he was waiting for the report of the Marshal's Guard.

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Matecki, whose name appears in the scandal surrounding the Justice Fund, announced several dozen minutes later that it was him and that he had climbed onto the roof to “take a photo.” Moreover, he was sober and “did not see any Marshal's Guard.”

Donald Tusk comments

The Prime Minister commented on the situation on social media Donald Tusk. “Fiddler on the roof, or a method to kill the insane. No court will buy it,” he wrote on the X website.

Hołownia: there was a serious breach of order

On Friday afternoon, let's get down to business Marshal Hołownia commented again. He said that he received an official note from the commander of the Marshal's Guard, who received information from the shift commander about “an incident that took place at 3.30.”

– According to the information obtained, MP Matecki went out the window of the hotel room (…) to the roof of building F. After going to the roof, MP Matecki started moving on the roof of building F, passing through the technical passage to building S, where he was noticed by deputy shift commander, here is the name of the guard who informed the deputy about the danger and ordered him to leave the place immediately. The MP stated that he returned to the room by himself the way he came and did not take advantage of the offer of help to escort him to the hotel room – quoted Hołownia's note.

The Marshal of the Sejm also informed that he had reviewed the video recordings of this incident in the presence of the Commander of the Marshal's Guard. – Indeed, Mr Matecki walked on the roof of both building F and building S for seven minutes from 3:30 a.m. to 3:37 a.m. Then he returned through the window to the hotel room on the fourth floor of the parliamentary hotel – he said.

Szymon HołowniaTVN24

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– Therefore, after obtaining this note and video materials, I state that there was a serious breach of order in the area managed by the Chancellery of the Sejm. This is Article 22b of the Rules of Procedure of the Sejm and in connection with the above, I will submit an appropriate motion to punish the MP to the Presidium of the Sejm. The Presidium of the Sejm may decide on the financial penalty involved. The maximum range is from approximately PLN 12,000 to PLN 18,000. Of course, it may also be a lower penalty – said Hołownia.

During the briefing of the Speaker of the Sejm, MP Matecki was standing behind him and, among other things, he was showing on his phone stills from one of the episodes of the video podcast “Sejm. New Opening”.

Matecki: I have absolutely nothing to blame myself for

Journalists present in the Sejm also asked MP Matecki about the morning's events. “I was at the sunrise, I wasn't lying,” he said.

– All the media in Poland are currently asking me about taking a photo at 6:00 or 4:00 in the morning, when seven and a half thousand migrants are being withdrawn from German to Poland. In a situation where PSL MP talks about the tragic situation of energy companies. In a situation where the CPK is not built. In a situation where a nuclear power plant has not been built – said the Sovereign Poland politician, ignoring journalists' questions.

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– Please show me the recording in which the Marshal's Guard pays any attention to me. Please show it to me. Let the Speaker of the Sejm show me such a recording, he then said. He stated that he had “absolutely nothing to reproach himself with.” – If you think this is a violation of the law, please show me what section I broke – he added.

Matecki: I was at sunrise, I wasn't lyingTVN24

Photos from the incident released by the Chancellery of the Sejm on Friday afternoon.

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