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Tuszyn, A1 motorway. Firefighters were on their way to the accident, they got stuck in a traffic jam. The drivers did not create the corridor of life

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They were driving to the accident on the A1 motorway, but couldn’t get there. Two kilometers before the incident, the fire engine got stuck in a traffic jam. All because drivers have not created a corridor of life. – If we could get there without problems, it would take us one or two minutes. This time we got there after 10 minutes – says one of the firefighters.

We received the recording of the passage of the fire engine on Contact24. It shows how on Monday evening, on the way to the accident, the fire engine got stuck in a traffic jam on the A1 motorway.

– Around 19:10 we received a notification of an accident on the A1 motorway at kilometer 338 towards Katowice. A passenger car crashed into a bus, as a result of which two people were injured: a woman and her eight-year-old child – explains Mr. Łukasz, a firefighter from the Volunteer Fire Department in Tuszyn.


A bus crashed into the carVolunteer Fire Department Tuszyn

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Firefighter: The drivers had a problem to create a corridor of life for us

Ten minutes after the incident, firefighters were already on the road, but were stuck two kilometers from the scene of the accident. – The drivers had a problem to create a corridor of life for us. Besides, not only our truck, but also five other fire trucks, a police car and an ambulance also got stuck in this congestion – says the firefighter.

As reported, one of the rescuers got out of the fire engine. He took his medical bag with him and went on foot to the injured people. – The other two firefighters tried to manage traffic so that the drivers would create this corridor for us. – In the end we made it and we got there – says Mr. Łukasz.

As it turned out, the car – which had to stop due to a breakdown – was hit by a bus. People traveling in a passenger car were not seriously injured. The eight-year-old girl and her mother were taken to the hospital in Bełchatów.

Fortunately, no one needed any urgent interventionVolunteer Fire Department Tuszyn

They drove five times as long

However, the emergency services arrived at the site much later than they should have been. – If we could get there without problems, it would take us one or two minutes. This time we reached the place after 10 minutes, fortunately the injured were not in danger of life – emphasizes the firefighter.

However, as he points out, the fault is not only with the drivers who have not adapted to the principle of creating the corridor of life. According to Mr. Łukasz, the motorway is technically not adapted to this type of event. – There are no narrowings there, and it is not possible to dismantle the barriers so that the car or ambulance can run over it, also against the tide – emphasized Mr. Łukasz.

How to correctly form the corridor of life?Ministry of Infrastructure

Main photo source: Łukasz / Contact 24

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