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TV subscription. Robert Kwiatkowski: it cannot be saved

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The RTV license fee cannot be saved – says Robert Kwiatkowski, member of the National Media Council. In his opinion, the expectations and practice of recent years have meant that subscription should not be the basic form of financing public media.

Kwiatkowski was asked in RFM FM “whether the RTV subscription should be abolished.” – The TV license fee is unsalvageable. Social expectations and the practice of recent years have meant that this subscription is not or should not be the basic form of financing public media – replied the RMN member.

When asked whether this role should be taken over by the state budget, Robert Kwiatkowski replied: – Yes, unfortunately.

He pointed out that “the BBC is also properly financed from budget or para-budgetary funds.” – The subscription fee is nothing more than a para-tax. It’s all about some kind of political culture. If we agree that this television will be acquired and handed over in the rhythm of political, party and parliamentary terms, then it will happen. If we agree that this is to serve the entire nation, all viewers and voters, then it will be as we agreed – said Kwiatkowski.

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Robert Kwiatkowski is a former MP, former member of the National Broadcasting Council and former president of Telewizja Polska (in 1998-2004).

TV license fee – rates in 2024

The RTV license fee is a fee charged for government television and radio. The amount of the RTV license fee is decided by you National Broadcasting Councilwhile the institution responsible for collecting subscription fees is Poczta Polska.

The regulation of May 10, 2023 shows that the basic monthly RTV subscription rates for 2024 are: – for the use of a radio receiver – PLN 8.70 (if the subscriber pays the fee each month, then the fee for the 12-month period will be PLN 104.40) – for using a television or radio and television receiver – PLN 27.30 (if the subscriber pays the fee every month, then the fee for the 12-month period will be PLN 327.60).

Receiver users who pay the subscription fee for the entire year by January 25, 2024, receive a 10% discount.

TV license fee – who has to pay?

Everyone who has a radio or television set is obliged to pay an RTV license fee. By law it is assumed that a person who has a functional receiver in a condition enabling immediate reception of the program uses it.

It doesn’t matter whether we actually use it – if we have a radio or TV at home, we are obliged to pay an RTV license fee.

TV license fee – who is exempt from the fee

They do not have to pay an RTV license fee, among others: persons:

– persons included in the first disability group, – persons with a certified total incapacity for work, – persons with a significant degree of disability, – who are over 75 years of age, – who receive care or special benefits care allowance or social pension from ZUS or other pension and disability pension authority, – deaf and blind, – who are over 60 years of age and have the right to pensions, the amount of which does not exceed 50% per month. average salary, – the unemployed, – veterans and war invalids.

Exemption from subscription fees takes place on the basis of presenting a document confirming appropriate rights together with an appropriate declaration to the Polish Post Office. The exemption from fees is available from the first day of the month following the month in which the formalities were completed at the post office.

The penalty for failure to pay the RTV license fee is thirty times the monthly fee. In the case of a TV and radio it is PLN 819.

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